Ef: A Tale of Memories Chapter Three – 25 The Hard Way

Chihiro’s memory defect and Miyako’s flightiness take center stage in today’s installment of the 25 The Hard Way Ef: A Tale of Memories anime review.

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2 Comments on "Ef: A Tale of Memories Chapter Three – 25 The Hard Way"

Neo Ultra Mike
Huh have to admit I thought you were going to try doing this season of 25 the hard way more weekly at least on CA to space out updates so you would have more time to work on other series and still make the weekly updates more easily after it’s done but I’m fine with the daily reviews if they’re of this quality. I think though Animerica itself has the best visual and action bits (the storyline plotting stuff is decent not as top tier as others on CA) and Cover by Cover has the best interplay and jokes between… Read more »