Eighto-Maneighto – Weekly Manga Recap

The curse of double We Never Learn chapters continues, Fat Gum turns out to be a super cute good boy, and Seven Deadly Sins gets pretty heavy.

My Hero Academia ch. 143 – 11:58

Fairy Tail ch. 542 – 22:07

Food Wars ch. 221 – 39:42

Cross Accounts ch. 3 – 51:19

Dr. Stone ch. 17 – 1:07:54

We Never Learn ch. 20 & 21 – 1:22:12

The Promised Neverland ch. 45 – 1:36:01

Seven Deadly Sins ch. 224 – 1:50:45

One Piece ch. 870 – 1:59:12

Weekly MVPs – 2:11:13

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Weekly Manga Recap is a podcast focusing on anime and manga.

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  1. Neo Ultra Mike

    Heh as usual good stuff but don’t sell yourself too much at the end guys. I mean remember Reel Big Fish did this.


    Yeah they were on an epiosode of the…. G level web series Waterman a decade back. And if stuff like Angry Video Game Nerd is the Homestar Runner webtoon equilviient, Weekly Manga Recap at least has to be the level of Waterman so you guys could still probably get them heh heh.

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