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Only a man like Suave could love an anime like Eiken.

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  1. Krimzon_Mechanism

    Eiken is fucking awful. xD

    I remember in my teen years I was a sucker for Ecchi Harem Romances and even I wasn’t able to watch this schlock. It bored me to tears. :p

    I’ve pretty much given up on that genre entirely, years ago.

  2. …..You know, I didn’t think it was possible to make breasts seem THAT repulsive without sticking them on a Broodmother or Klotho before now, but Eiken’s proven me wrong. And…did they stick….I….FUCKING….GODDAMN TWELVE-YEAR-OLD……WITH GIANT BREASTS…..WHY?!?!??!? WHAT IN GOD’S NAME IS WRONG WITH THIS FUCKING SHOW SHE’S FUCKING TWELVE ASLhjafljfhdasljfdahljhjlhljhjlhljh

    …..I am in sore need of a shower. I don’t think I’ll ever feel clean again.

  3. Oh, Suave, you beautiful perve. That was fun to watch. I don’t speak for anyone but myself when I say that…I missed you! <3

  4. I confess, the boobs made me watch this video even though I heard this anime is complete garbage.

  5. That was sure worth the wait, all the references to boobs had me in stitches. And while I’m not opposed to big boobs… for my own reasons… I still have to ask why in the 9 layers of hell did a 12-year old need giant tits?!?!? GAAAAHHHH!!!!

    ..Sorry, it’s just that even I have standards.

    Anyway, Adult Swim again next time, can’t wait!

  6. Eiken is down right disgusting in any sense.

    The two thing that I really hate about this is first the manga this was based on went on for 18 volumes.

    And secondly the voice acting. Not only terrible but that actually got a few talented individuals like Cindy Robinson as Misono. Mona Marshall as Grace Lin, the blonde. Bryce Paperbrook, (Red in Pokemon Origins and the young Vash the Stampede) as Densuke.

    And probably the most unfortunate in my mind Stephanie Sheh, played Chiharu Shinonome. As a Bleach fan to know the voice of Orihime Inoue (my favourite Bleach girl (I am firmly within the Ichihime camp on Bleach Shipping)) was a part of this (as well as the above mentioned talent) just make my soul sad.

    This is also the only anime I know that has an Alan Smithee credit, and as Director. Google it.

  7. It is what it is, and what it is just so happens to be a piss poor adaptation of a manga that tries to be as blatantly a hentai as possible without actually having any real hentai.

    At least in the manga though it didn’t have that painful, painful dub……and at least in DVD the sizes of the girls ‘dimensions’ stayed constant rather than in the manga where they would shift from realistic based on their given BHW to ‘How the hell are ‘those’ over inflated soccer balls only an F-cup?’ and back again within a few panals

  8. Oh Suave, you wonderful pervert!

  9. After all schlock that has been reviewed in Anime Abandon this is one that I never wanted to see. I already knew about this when it was reviewed in Fanservice Fiesta and I wish that I didn’t know about this one.

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Suave rocks and is a handsome funny pervert and this video is my favorite suave appearance and I hope what sage said about suave never reviewing anime again is a lie cause he should do a whole month of suave reviews.

    Anyways is adult swim month gonna be animes that have appeared on adult swims toonami block or does anyone have any further info on what this next months themed anime reviews will be cause I’d like to look further into this and possibly watch his other adult swim month reviews?

  11. thatchickwithlonghair

    Grossest anime ever made…..probably. This thing is the bane of my existence.

  12. I must remind myself to buy this DVD when I see it.

  13. This is such an extreme fetish movie…and I know it’s a fetish because a long time ago Jeshu Otaku reviewed this and pointed out that there is no actual nudity in it, even when they’re actually naked you see nary a nipple anywhere. That means it isn’t technically porn but would still appeal to people who like the concept of massive jubblies and inappropriate public behavior.

    • haha.. no. This is a tame vanilla cheesecake Anime. I wouldn’t even call anything in it a fetish, save for oral fixation and overly large breasts. Nothing about it is extreme.

  14. Welcome back Suave, we missed you 😀

  15. Ooooooh this is that anime. I’ve seen gifs of purple hair big tits before and remember being appalled and feeling massive sympathy for her back pain.

    Glad to know this is super terrible.

    Anyways that was a massively hilarious review as I was laughing so much through out it. You’ve really been on a roll lately, but I always love getting to see Suave again.

  16. So, are Suave and Quagmire best friends or something? ^_^

  17. 2:01 HOLY SHIT! I can kinda understand people who like oversized breasts as sort of an overindulgence thing, but how could anyone find THOSE mangled abominations appealing?!

    4:03 OK, someone needs to explain this one to me. Please…? ;P

    4:22 That voice sounds weird, like it’s muffled a little.

    8:16 Again I must ask: HOW?!!!!

  18. 12:10 Tell me about it.

  19. Can Bennett the Sage read 漢字 and ひらがな….?

    I am also wondering if Bennett the Sage has the correct pronunciation of the word “アニメ”….?

  20. Eiken is garbage, pure and simple. I’ve seen this, I guess because tits, but all that did was leave me depressed for the state of anime.

  21. Eiken? More like Achin’, am I right?
    Seriously, my back hurts from watching the review.

  22. Haha. Thanks, internet, I’m so desensitized by giant breasts that nothing in this anime even raises an eyebrow for me.

  23. I demand we get a Nuts and Bolts episode out of this review! 😀

  24. This is a funny anime
    Why do people make a big deal about boob size

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