End of March VLOG – Animerica

A quick word on our current status here at the 1/4 point of 2017.

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Animerica is the biggest, baddest, best Anime review show on the internets. After the unexplainable disappearance of Foxcatcher, Phoenix starts to unravel, finally coming to rest in a new home, where a sinister force beckons him to continue the review show. But as he embarks on this quest alone, he only sinks further and further into his own private madness...

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I guess that means a small crossover for Key/Visual Arts this spring on my channel is out of the question. Rain check for next year? I’d be doing Little Busters! Angel Beats! and Rewrite. I sort of already KNOW your position on Clannad. And JT’s still stuck on Kanon’s overt “cuteness”. I’ll be doing the Key Holy Trinity this year so that’s Clannad Kanon, and wait- where do you guys stand on AIR? Plus what’s a direct way to contact you? If any fan like me wants to get ahold of you guys? Can’t wait to see your guys’ new… Read more »