ENT: Similitude Review

Opinionated Enterprise Episode Guide returns to the Xindi arc. Tucker has a brilliant idea. Predictably, this results in him being injured so badly he’s in a coma. Phlox has a brilliant idea. Predictably, this results in him doing something that violates medical ethics.

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  1. Yeah.
    The episode is pretty weak (it seems, I haven not seen this episode).
    If anyone wish to read something similar (but not as weak) I’d recommend the short story Think Like a Dinosaur by James Patrick Kelly. I think it has similar topics in it.

  2. I can’t even express in words how much I hated this show. Oh, how the mighty Star Trek had fallen…

    From Leonard Nimoy’s Jewish symbolism and Greek philosophy to a third rate “Tomb Raider”-era Angelina Jolie copy with fake stripper boobs and collagen-pumped truck tyres for lips who strips down to her undies and smears “totally-not-ejaculate (wink-wink)” goo on herself to “decontaminate” in every other episode. When the original of a show or movie is more laughable, exploitative and “fan-service-y” sexist than a porn parody, in addition to scripts that are worse than the crappiest fan fiction and characters with absolutely no depth, no wit and no believable emotions/motivations beyond the flattest, most cookie-cutter standard plot devices, there’s truly nothing left to redeem it. Nothing! Bonus points for taking Star Trek’s already more than problematics use of time travelling nonsense to preposterously asinine lows.

    This show made me hate Scott Bakula for a while. How is that even possible? How can something – anything – be that bad?

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