Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) – Goin’ Off

This week, we talk about 70’s R&B falsettos, the Superbowl, and take a look at Wu-Tang Clan’s first album.

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  1. Why might a Circuit City be open on Super Bowl night? Because you never know. Some guy might break his TV and need an emergency replacement so he can watch the end of the game.

  2. Joe Jonas is in a band and Nick Jonas is the solo dude. I’ve never heard of the Elsa and Spiderman ship until now. Yeah, I started watching YouTube in middle school. I go to YouTube more than my TV at times. I’m so glad with how the Super Bowl happened since the Falcons beat my Seahawks this year. Also, Gaga remains Queen. 👸 Although, I thought Coldplay and Bruno Mars did well despite the fact that I miss old Beyoncé and don’t care for current Beyoncé. This year’s Super Bowl commercials disappointed me but I should have known, I suppose. One last thing: I’ve never listened to Wu-Tang Clan but I wholeheartedly love their aesthetic. 💙

  3. The truth is, Elsa would have had a much better time in life if her parents had taken her to that bald guy in the wheelchair.

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