Ep.39: Pikachu’s Goodbye – Suede’s Pokemon Journey

Ash and Pikachu’s relationship is saved with the power of 90’s easy listening ballads! I’m not crying! YOU’RE crying! SHUT UP!

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  1. Crossover Princess

    Oh man… that mixing of the songs in the stingers really got me laughing…

  2. Suede, you… You talk faster than Mr. Enter, and only slightly slower than the Micro-Machine guy. XD Slow down, dude!

  3. LOL. The Pokemon cult speech gag never ceases to amuse me. Also, gosh, I friggen love the 90’s even if it does sound suspiciously similar to a Disney song.

  4. This episode made me cry when I first watched it. In hindsight I should have realised that Ash leaving Pikachu was never going to happen. Though the episode can still bring a tear to your eye.

  5. I find cheesy localised soundtrack that they used in this episode amusing.

  6. Intro made me laugh.

    I remember watching this with the gf at the time as a borderline teen/preteen. She did tear up. I remember the emotions I felt. Felt like a roller-coaster.

    The cute pikachu song. My condolences on the diglett song.

  7. Aww bummer, looks like it has a copyright claim against it from Shopro.

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