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Chasing the dragon has never been so unexciting. How did a hit book become dull fantasy? Nostalgia Critic ventures forth to find out.

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  1. Oh my god. Is the Uncle Played by Alun Armstrong or is that just me?

  2. Minion of Yahtzee

    My head cannon for this movie is that after the Dragon ditched Eragon for being a complete tool she decided to fly though a worm hole, landed in modern day Japan and decided to become a maid for an office worker because she got drunk with her after the office worker got her out of a jam. Five points if you know what I’m referencing.

  3. Okay, why you gotta hate on John Malcovich? Haven’t you seen Of Mice and Men?

  4. Malcovich malcovich malcovich malcovich?

  5. to truly understand this movie is to READ THE BOOKS!!! the movie butchers the first book extremely. The books are highly decriptive and extremely amazing this movie deos not do it justice at all. For someone who has not read the books. i can see this movie can make even LESS to a viewer who has. also in the books one of the reasons for the dragons to able to speak is to show how in This world dragons are not highly inteligent animals they are race of higly intelligent dragon people. origianally dragon riders are just a parnership between elves and dragons to stop the war between dragon and elves and as other races apeared in the region the parnership exstended to other races. @NostalgiaCritic if have not already i highly recomend you to read the eragon books.

  6. I think Game of Thrones would be vastly improved if they retroactively added voices to dragons. I suggest Chris Rock, Gilbert Gottfried and Ray Romano (before zombiefication, after it voice over duties to be taken over by Fran Drescher).

  7. I can explain this movie: Harry potter and Lord of the Rings were extremely popular in the early to mid 2000s.

    This combines bits of both, from the by the numbers hero’s journey, to the humble lad secretly being the chosen one, it’s clearly an attempt to cash in on the popularity of medieval worlds and wizards.

    Regardless of the source material, this is what the film does.

  8. Dragons armour does not look silly at all. If anything, it makes them look even more fierce. Apart from that comment, this was a fun review.

  9. Man. I particulary remember enjoying this movie, despite how god damn stupid it is watching now. But I got to give it credit, it made me want to read the books, which I did and afterwards I started bashing this movie relentlessly because of obvious continuity issues and details the movie was changing up and so on.

    Still, I’d say go check it out if you want some non-thinky fantasy, read the books if you want something a little more deep. They are no Lord of the Rings but they are still a very good read.

  10. The sad thing is, the book series really was so much better. The creatures, characters, locals & story were all fleshed out & detailed; this film has none of that. Plus, the deleted scenes were what were needed to keep this story going into future films; instead, we got Star Wars, Ep-4, which we already know…this is lame. Whoever’s doing the current good DCAU films, needs to buy the rights to this series & make the films properly.

  11. My friend made me see this movie against my will when it came out. She read all the books. It was one of the worst movies I’d ever seen. I completely lost it when the dragon started talking. I know it was in the books but there was no reason for the dragon to talk in the movie. It literally added NOTHING to the story.

    When Jeremy Irons character dies. There was the CHEESE BALL scene where he rides on the dragons back right before he dies. It was so cheesy it made me sick. My friend started balling her eyes out. I just yelled REALLY! Luckily no one heard me because no one else was in the theater. And that was on opening night.

  12. You think Rachel Weisz is unfitting? In the German dub, the dragon is voiced by Nena.
    Yes. 99 Luftballons Nena.
    Don’t ask me why, I haven’t got a clue.

  13. thanks critc you reminded me that I want a spyro remastered trilogy so bad

  14. Once again, Thank you Doug and gang. You did not disappoint.

  15. This is what happens when someone rapes Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and then they go to an 18 year old therapist who stole their stories and made a shitty movie about them.

  16. The Warcraft movie no one but the country of China saw.

  17. I remember how this movie was on Rifftrax. Do Mewtwo joke? You know, with the telepathic creature? Well, you’re not into “Pokemon”. A pity you didn’t do Hurricane Harvey. Well, maybe next week.

  18. It’s so fairly obviously Star Wars and Lord of the Rings combined narratives even in Paolini’s actual over 500 page teenage fantasy novel from beginning to end.

  19. And the movie was even made more blatantly obvious that was a complete rip-off copy-cat of Star Wars: A New Hope from beginning to end with the same rip-off nothing original good and evil characters in mind and every three-act scene in all aspects, with the wild mountain scenery and the Elven magic talk resembling The Lord of the Rings aesthetic, I’m pretty 100% sure you know that Critic and Co-workers, so it’s needless to repeat myself. Here’s one thing I saw Eragon not Aragorn in theaters in 2006 and at that time when I was 16, I thought it was an original fantasy flick, that’s because I didn’t grow up or got into on any Star Wars or Lord of the Rings franchise until a few years later, now I know it’s a not-so-special imitating mediocrity even though I own a 2-disc Special Edition DVD of it. Il Neige and especially the Blockbuster Buster reviewed this unimagined film already even before he was welcomed into your company and it was a much shorter review with the opening tagline: “A long, long, time ago in a galaxy far, far away there were dragons?”

  20. Hmm. Let me preface this with saying that I read the first three of the books, and I thought they were perfectly okay. That I never got around to the forth might be indicative, though. I did not, upon seeing the general reception, see the movie.

    Saphira seems… Wasted, here. I don’t remember her being so not-involved-seeming in the books, but it’s been a while. I both, then, agree and disagree with Doug on the telepathy.

    On the one hand, yes, cinematically, *for the scenes they wrote with her*, her voice adds nothing.

    But on the other hand… That’s because she isn’t given anything to actually SAY. And she’s not… Emotive enough, I think. Or rather, her voice is disconnected (obviously, as Doug showed) from what she’s saying. Even speaking telepathically, she should be *showing* she’s at least invested in her words – otherwise… Well, you get THIS.

    I think the problem is, then, that she is animated less like a sapient character, and more like The Pet, only with the telepathy poorly overlaid on the top.

    I am not sure how you’d fix it. START, certainly, by giving her something of substance to say; I’m not sure how much of that is the book or the script’s fault (because of, course, it would likely be the one time when a script is faithful to a book is when its most deterimental…) If she’d have actually moved her mouth when she’d have spoken, I doubt it would have helped. But appropriating some of Jeremey Iron’s lines maybe (couldn’t she teach him to how to fly, maybe?) might have helped, even if that wasn’t the way they did it in the book. I dunno.

    But, maybe what would be required is to have her moving around a lot more as she “speaks” (yes, that costs money, but if it’s that or be crap…). If you can’t get the right effect by her not speaking with her mouth moving, then you need her to be talking with her body-language commemsurate to her words. She’s just too passive, I think.

    Doing THAT right (seeing as she, is like, technically the second most important character, arguebly, despite not being the titular character, the most important) might have been at least a bit of the novelty the movie needed (since we don’t see telepathic dragons THAT often (this and Anne McCaffery being the two examples I can think of).)

  21. I saw this movie once i do not remember how i saw it but i thought it was a fine movie
    She is talking cause she must have a personality
    I do not get what is your problem with how he talks
    This is a prequel to the war to come against the bad guy but only no sequel was made

  22. Whenever the mental bond is brought up I can’t help but think of Drakengard…..
    now THAT was a…unique and memorable, if not necessarily good game.

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