Escaflowne Episodes 1-4

We begin our look at Escaflowne. A track star whose hobby is reading tarot cards has her race interrupted by a boy trying to slay a dragon. If she’d listened to her coach, that never would have happened.

Escaflowne continues with our hero finding herself on the world of Gaia, with the Earth and moon in the sky overhead and catgirls stealing her stuff. But there’s something weird going on around here…

Still stuck on Gaea, Hitomi flees the wreckage with Van until the two are separated, but she is rescued by the dreamy Allen so she doesn’t really mind.

Merle arrives bearing terrible news, that Fanelia has been completely destroyed. Even worse, she reveals that Merle survived.

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  1. I do like Escaflowne as long as it’s not North American TV edit with Van as main character instead of Hitomi because it’s meant to be her story, not Van’s.

  2. One of my favorite anime EVER.

  3. Wow, are you going to cover the entire series? If you are then great!XD This was one of the animes I never got into in the early 2000s and when I was finally interested it was taken off the air :(. Can’t wait to see the next ep. I love your commentary; funny, analytical, and to the point.

  4. Random question: Why aren’t you making fun of Dilandau’s chirpy 8-year-old kid voice?! He’s voiced by the guy who does Shining Armor in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic! That makes for perfect joke material! Utilize the hilarious voice for hilarity’s sake!

  5. LOVE THIS ANIME!!!! Both the sub and dubbed versions…excluding the crappy edited version that Americans foolishly created! 😛

  6. Then I advice you that you should analyze Code Gueass, it have mechas and ships, another good one is Death Note, even that is one is more of the supernatural genre is more a character study, even that people ended for liking the good guy over the titular character (even that I think that he is fascinating), Death Note is very hard to analysis, because you have to separate the titular character of his goals, because if you mix them together you would have a flawed review.

  7. Love this series! At least the first half, when our heroes keep going to new places. The second half, for some reason, doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe because some weird plot elements come up. Still, these first four episodes kind of make me feel the way I felt when I first saw Star Wars.

    Yes, yes … I am a huge nerd. But I don’t have Star Wars action figures.

  8. This was a fairly early anime for me, but also the series that made me realize I’m shallow about art styles & can’t watch it if I hate the way its drawn. I could not pay attention to anything but the characters noses. There was at least two other people in my highschool anime club who found them incredibly distracting.

  9. Uh am I the only one who really only remembers this series when Hbi2k abridged it? I mean I saw advertisements for it on Fox Kids… I vaguely remember it but never caught it there and only know about it because he abridged it like 5 years ago. So that’s my biggest frame of reference Escaflowne. Thus why some of the jokes SF Debris felt done (Hbi2k made a much better joke making fun of singing the escaflowne battle theme for one) but this was still good analysis of the series and the specific episodes and he does a good job covering the episodes so no complaints really just pointing that out.

  10. Is it just me? Whenever I hear the opening riff of the Escaflowne theme, I keep wanting to yell, “FLASH! AYH-AAAYYHH!”

    Part 1, 6:08 – needs some epic music. DOVAHKIIN! DOVAHKIIN! NOT A SINGLE SARDINE!

    (Hey, at least it wasn’t an “Arrow to the Knee” joke).

    And the dragon disappears. Does that mean that Van devoured its soul so he can learn more dragon words?

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