Escape from New York vs Lockout – Blockbuster Buster

ERod pits two films against one another who had a real life feud.

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  1. Is anyone surprised that Escape from New York won this one? I mean we are talking about classic movie vs imitator.

    • No, and I hope no one else was. I’m only surprised he gave the other movie the points he did. I mean, it wasn’t a completely terrible movie, but it was a lot less memorable than Escape from New York.

    • Oh please. Without even seeing the video I knew it was going to be “Escape From New York”. It’s a classic and cemented Kurt Russell as a bona fide action star. Besides the character of Snake Plissken is himself a total badass. Guy Pearce as Snow? Not so much.

    • First of all “classic” mean that it come out with some cliche first and as such it isn’t cliched. That is protection term for movies with impact on industry what aged and may not look so impressive in future even if they were in the past.

      Also there are better copies then original even including unofficial ones.. that isn’t even uncommon thing in age when almost everything is a remake. Still despite low budget Escape is superior in almost all things then cheap not only in budget knockoff.

  2. Before I even watch the video, I’m guessing Lockout gets busted. I’m not sure why that piece of shit was even considered a contender. Escape from New York is a legitimately good if somewhat corny movie. Lockout is… Just… BAD!

    Now to actually watch the video 🙂

  3. I’ve never seen Escape from New York. I have seen Lockout but I remember nothing about it so I don’t have much to say. LOL.

  4. Eh, I liked Maggie Grace once the breakout started, and I confess to love Lockout. I’m not surprised that it lost, but I still love it.

  5. Seriously? Is that even needed? I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m 100% sure that Escape from NY won this one.

  6. Hum, that’s not Solid Snake, but Big Boss. Although the former is a clone of the latter.

  7. It would’ve been more balanced if you’d used Escape from LA.

  8. So… Arkham City was a rip-off of a bad 80s movie… interesting.

  9. Great episode.
    Still wish you’d bust The Seeker, Legends of Earthsea and The Hobbit trilogy.
    Heck you could do a cross-over with The Dom.

    I do have to watch Escape from NY now, and re-watch Escape from LA.

  10. the way he pronounced stormare got a pretty good laugh out of me. like MikeJ trying to say tacos.

  11. Did I watch a different lockdown or something?
    Because the one I watched had one cool fight in the beginning then some people ran around and the movie made a point of having no real action scenes at after that point. Just a stupid mess with a weak hero, dull villains and lame setting and cgi. To even mention that dud in the same sentence as Escape from New York is an insult to the genre of film.

  12. Snorgatch Pandalume

    So Luc Besson got sued for plagiarizing someone? Why am I not surprised? He was also sued by French comic book artist Moebius, who claimed Besson’s film The Fifth Element lifted ideas from Moebius’s illustrated fantasy The Incal, which was published in Heavy Metal magazine and subsequently adapted as the “Harry Canyon” segment of the Heavy Metal movie. True, Moebius’s lawsuit was unsuccessful, but it does make it look like Besson has a pattern of ripping off other people’s work.

    • Which just goes to show – if you’re gonna rip off something, pick something obscure that nobody’s ever heard of. Don’t pick a timeless classic. John Carpenter did that himself when he remade The Thing. (Of course he at least didn’t pretend it was original.)

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        Plus the previous version was itself based on John W. Campbell’s novella “Who Goes There?”, and Carpenter’s version was much closer to the original story.

  13. It would have been a bigger win for Escape if you’d had a category for music.

  14. It still bothers me that you mispronounce what seems like 50% of your words.

  15. Please do Three Amigos vs Galaxy Quest both movies are equally loved so it’ll be interesting to see which one you would bust.

  16. Erod, try “The Prestige” vs. “The Illusionist”

  17. Yeah, not surprised, always suspected that the Metal Gear “Snake” was copied from Snake Plissken. The one eye, the unkempt beard, the mannersisms are all there.

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