Escape From Tomorrow Commentary – Some Jerk With a Camera

Tony Goldmark is joined by his cohorts David Ganssle and Nicholas Bogroff Ganssle to commentate on his review of the 2013 indie movie shot guerrilla-style at the Disney parks, Escape From Tomorrow!

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  1. Crossover Princess

    What a great commentary. I remember the tagline being “Bad Things Happen Everywhere, Especially Here” and I just think that’s hollow. I mean it’s not like there’s not Wikipieda pages dedicated to Incidents at Disney Parks. People have died there… a lot of people…

    I’ve written half a chapter of one of my stories dedicated to the characters going to Euro Disneyland (it makes sense in context why that park) and the events of the trip is the catalyst to one of the characters having a mental break down!

    And I’m planning for a completely different story having a chapter dedicated to the characters going to Disneyland… and it’s pretty much going to have a downer ending. The heroes lose any sort of advantages they have against the enemy, one of them getting a target on their backs and some of them end up destroying it’s a small world due a fight and everyone starts making fun of that fact.

    And I’m just a fanfic writer… (granted one with multiple TV Tropes Pages…) but even I know how to use Disneyland as a source of darkness better than he does.

    And I LOVE the parks. Hell I’ve been to Disneyland, Tokyo Disney and Disney World…

    But that guy… he just hates the parks and wants to ruin it for everyone else…

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