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Various bits I shot, edited and ultimately cut (or shortened) from my three-part Escape From Tomorrow review.

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  1. I would have kept the space mountain walk on joke and the Chris Hanson joke in, both of those were great, and not too long.

  2. Crossover Princess

    Yeah, I can see why you cut most of those jokes, some of them were too long (or were shortened)… I did laugh at the Gatekeeper joke… but I can see why it cut, it just didn’t fit in the scene.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    You should have totally kept that siemen joke that was halirious but it’s your decision not mine and o guess on every deleted scenes video for this season your gonna show the same shrek clip right cause that’s what I’m thinkin.

    Anyways goes progress goin on the new some jerk haunted mansion movie review with count jackula and will it be released this month?

  4. Heehee, great; 3:46 is probably the only joke I didn’t find hilarious (I love irish drinking songs as much as the next bloke but that song I didn’t think was very good: also I had forgotten siemens was in the movie….I know someone who works their so this is really weird). The other jokes were fantastic.

    The Lorde one…priceless 🙂

    It’s a shame these had to be cut; I know it was probably time contraints but could you have done an epic review?
    I can see the legands now: with battle cry and powful mane, Some Jerk With a Camera slayed the record of the longest online review with a swift strock from his almighty sword of flip, forged in the fires of Anaheim and polished with the blood of pretencious films and country bears, hence forth becoming a legand whose name bringith forth joy to his allies and terror to his foes.
    Now wouldn’t this have been cool?

    Escape from Tomorrowland: the crummy movie that still manages to bring forth joy

    Not sure if I asked this already but are you going to do something HUGE for Harry Potter?

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      I don’t have “time constrants” the way most TV shows do, though I often have deadlines by which I try to finish episodes, and that sometimes affects editing decisions. A couple of these bits were only written and shot, and I didn’t have time to edit them at the time, but I only finally edited them for this deleted stuff video. But this being YouTube, the episodes can be whatever length I want. However, I want every minute of every episode I release to be as strong as humanly possible, and sometimes the final edit of a bit just isn’t as funny as I thought it was gonna be. (When I have time, I often show unfinished episodes to friends and make decisions based on their feedback). That’s why I do these deleted stuff videos – to let you see for yourself what I cut, and decide for yourself if I made the right decisions.

      • Okay, good to know; I guess stuff might have gotten cluttered so, since we still get to see the cut out jokes, all is well

        But an epic review would be cool, right?

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          My reviews are so “epic” it’s exceptionally rare that they AREN’T spread out across multiple episodes! Hell, if you strung together all three parts of my Escape From Tomorrow review, it’d be almost as long as the movie itself! How much more epicness do you people NEED?!?

          • True, very true….you don’t do anything by halves, come to think about it. All you need now is to do something with a sword.
            I may be blurring ‘epic’ definitions but that would be EPIC!! Could you do it? (fingers cross)

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