Escape From Tomorrow – Part 3 – Some Jerk

Jerk finally wraps up his analysis of The Movie Disney Doesn’t Really Care Whether Or Not You See! Merry Christmas!

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I was gonna put this on Twitter but you said it but I’ll say it again: this video coming out today is a Christmas miracle.l!!! At first I didn’t think this video was gonna come out today since you didn’t immediately post it at six but since you pulled an all-nighter guess you must have been tired and went to bed and decided to post it in the morning. I was so excited when this video came on your twitter feed this morning and givin that that was the time I finished opening my new gifts this was a great secondary gift.

    Sorry for the long comment but your my favorite new talent on the site I appreciate the hard work you do. Givin all the positive feedback I’m beyond excited for the final part. šŸ˜‰

    Follow up comment to come that hopefully won’t be as long as this one!!!

    • Yes indeed, this was a nice Christmas gift. It’s also awesome how Tony got some people involved with the movie to cameo as well.

      Merry Christmas to everyone here on CA!

    • Hey Tony, this video was a great christmas gift! A real christmas miracle like you said. Haven’t seen too many new things from you in the last month like this but jeebus this is a real return to form IMO. Can’t wait to continue watching your series.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Don’t have a lot to say but that was just a perfect ending to a great set of reviews. I’m glad this won’t be as longer but I was at disneyworld 2 years ago and had no idea who you where but if I ever go back I’ll be sure to look for you tony. That director is clearly one of the many a-holes in this world. He reminds me of rich Moore the guy who directed wreck it Ralph and the upcoming zootopia but there two different people.

      I love your work I have so many questions what happened to the dvd but one question most importantly that I want to answer immediately: what’s next,what’s next,what’s next!!!!

  2. I love the ending. I like the summing up of why so many people return to Disney parks. I also like the way Cine Kyle behaves. I wonder if this is exactly how the real Kyle responded to the movie. The thing about this review that is unpleasant is how unpleasant and gross the movie is. But I understand it has to show this to explain the movie. While I am a midwesterner, I still appreciate and love Disney parks a lot. They are one of my favorite things in the world. And who knows, one day I may live near one and be able to visit more than once every few years.

  3. I gotta say, I do like how the thumbnails continuously progress through the videos. Have a very merry Christmas, Jerk.

  4. So does it mean that you are going back to revies Disneyland rides?, that “escape from tomorrow” movie just took advantage of making the movie in Disneyland as their main way to promote the movie, cause it doesnt even have any reason to be made in Disneyland.

  5. The ending was beautiful, and like the (very long-winded) comment said on youtube, is everything the movie wasn’t in the best way.

  6. I’d disagree with one thing in this review – “Escape From Tomorrow” WAS pretentious, in the most lazy and navel-gazing way: taking smug sneering cynicism and dog-in-the-manger mean-spiritedness and pretending that it’s profundity, and the sheer adolescent attitude of ‘provocation’ for its own sake.

    “Escape From Tomorrow” is a plain nasty, petulant movie and thanks for taking the time to skewer it so comprehensively. Your elucidating the theme of the hollowness of “forced fun” gives it more credit than I would have and also speaks well to your even-handedness.

    I hope the movie hasn’t poisoned your love of everything else about these parks, Jerk, keep up the good work.

  7. Awesome job, Jerk!
    I don’t know whether it your skills as a director, the fact that I was so committed to and ecstatic for this small cameo, or both, but this was the first time I’ve ever been happy with my performance and not cringed as soon as I saw myself. I had a small part in a local play a few years ago and I have yet to actually watch the entire taping of it because as soon as I come on stage, my reaction is to shut it off immediately and stop watching. Even seeing my two line role in Escape from Tomorrow makes me uncomfortable.
    But not this time. You rock dude.
    Awesome job and thanks for the opportunity to help out, contribute and just have fun.

  8. Crossover Princess

    I guess that’s a good way to put why people go to Disneyland and the other other Disney Parks.

    My life is pretty miserable. I have so have so many health issues, I’m a semi-shut in due to that. I live with my parents, I can’t work, I don’t want to go to school. Granted I’m popular and somewhat respected online, but what I’m popular in is considered a butt-moneky hobby (fanfics are made fun of a lot).
    Going to Disney Parks brings me joy… the last few years have been tough of on my family (my dad’s kidneys failed in 2011, we had a fire back in 2013, my mom had a blood clot in her lung this year and a couple week ago was diagnosed with cancer), I was lucky that I had a 4 year Disney Park streak.

    None of them were perfect, but I had a lot of fun each time. I don’t know when I’ll go to a Disney Park again, but I will always cherish the memories that I have from them.

    That director is an asshat. It’s clear he just wants to ruin Disney for the rest of us…

    Great video as always… And I can’t wait what to see you next!

  9. Hooray!! Another video! How come there was such a wait? I just finished binge watching all the videos and was used to follow ups coming soon so this wait was particularly long.

    Hey Faulty Towers! Sweet!

    The Sweatbox?

    23:35 just wow. Just staggering

    And it’s great to see Oancitizen in a channel awesome video again!

    This movie looks loathsome; utterly loathsome. I hate movies that try and make the audience feel bad for having fun; especially about commercial fun because it’s high art. Vile

    33:11, yay! I knew you’d do it!! I love the music!!

    Dude; this was more thought provoking then this movie ever could be. I salute you. This review was great!

    Finally, I’d like to say something; when I first heard of you, I was wondering how someone could make a review series about rides; I was positive it couldn’t work.
    The reason is that the only theme park I ever went to was this one water theme park in Bostwana called the Lion Park, which had a couple rides, slides, a wave pool and a train that was contently de-railed. Heck, by the time I got their, the lions were long gone, either dead or moved due to health concerns. And whenever there was a drought, which was often, it was closed
    But it was still fun: the thing was I only went a couple of times so theme parks were just there, existing.
    I never went to Disneyland/world or any other major American theme parks, so all they were were dreamlands that I might see someday. But I never did so indifference rained supreme.
    But then I saw your show: I was seriously stood corrected. You talk about almost everything and anything, which, adding all the story lines, makes the show so different and strange in the best sense. Also you’re hilarious; that helps make a comedy show good. And when The Wire, Spazzmaster and Il Neige show up, it’s even more hilarious
    But the best part is how much enthusiasm you have for the history and the rides and everything related to it. It’s weird but watching you geeking out about this weird subject, it’s almost like I’m there in Disneyland, as a curious little kid again.
    For this is I sincerely thank you. And sorry about those snap judgments

    Happy Holidays šŸ™‚ I look forward to the next episode….only PULEEEEZE, no more adult swim clips! Pretty please!

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      Sorry it took so long – part three in particular snowballed into something much bigger and longer than I’d originally intended, plus I’ve had other things in pesky “real life” slowing me down.

      The Sweatbox was a documentary, directed by Trudie Styler, about the making of the film that eventually became The Emperor’s New Groove, but started out as a completely different kind of movie called Kingdom Of The Sun. The finished film revealed a bit more about the sausage-making process of animated films than the Disney lawyers were comfortable with, so they buried the film and still to this day have never officially released it. It still occasionally pops up on YouTube, though. Here’s a clip from it:

      If you like the song at the end, it’s called “On A Real Good Day” by Robbie Fulks, from his 2007 live album REVENGE! Robbie is perhaps the most brilliant, criminally underrated singer/songwriter alive today, and I highly encourage you to check out his work at

      Thanks for the compliments, but what have you got against Adult Swim?

      • Ahhh, yes, life has a habit of striking when you least expect it. I understand: not being impatient, just curious.

        Wow. That was going to be Emperor’s New Groove? It looks like the hybrid of Hunchback of Notre Dame, Princess and the Frog and Prince of Egypt. But the song was great: I wish it hadn’t been cut. Makes the song in sequel all the more painful. I’ll need to get my hands on this documentary.

        Found the song on Youtube. I’m not one for sad music but this is quite pretty

        You’re welcome: I hope it didn’t sound gushy or awkwardly weird or insincere. It’s just something I’ve really wanted to say and this was a good time to say it.

        I have nothing against Adult Swim: the stop motion clips like ‘This isn’t funny’ and ‘what a twist’ were pretty funny. It’s just that sudden flashing clips of mangled cat puppets crawling across the ground does give one quite a turn

        One more thing: this might sound REALLY strange, but with the Beauty and the Beast crossover and the various cameos, has anyone written slash fics about you and Oancitizen? Again I’m only asking this because I find slash fics fascinating in an academic way especially ones about people on this site.
        If you find this too weird I completely understand: I was just asking.

        Just had an idea: maybe Disney has it’s own private emu farm!!!
        That damn dirty mouse; his sins never cease šŸ˜‰

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          …”an academic way.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

          Someone once drew caricatures of Kyle and I as Elders Price and Cunningham from The Book Of Mormon, but other than that, not to my knowledge.

          • Oh, what! Can’t a person just ask about slash fic and not sound on the strange and peculiar side?

            Probably not but it was worth a shot

            I have no idea who these characters are and only an incredibly vague idea about The Book of Mormon so I have no idea of how funny this image is. I’ll google it: hope nothing weird pops up (one can never be to cautious; my sister once googled images of Malfoy or Malfoy and wife a few years ago: though brief was what I saw, the damage was done. The nightmares will never go away! Never!)

            *one google later*

            Why are you cat-oranges?

          • SomeJerkWithACamera

            Probably some academic reason.

          • Oh, har har, very funny.

  10. Yeah, Paul Thomas Anderson and Stanley Kubrick being influences on this. This guy wishes he could kiss their shoes. This “filmmaker” represents why a lot of people look down on indies as pretentious, and that’s dangerous. Crapping on a theme park many have worked hard to make, countless hours to build rides and whatnot, and all he could do is shame that memory with this.

    Randy Moore, I hope you’re proud.

  11. Nicely done; in incidentally, a review whose filmography also manages to put to shame its own subject. And speaking of which: its film creator’s passive-aggressive contemptuousness and overall pretences seems more to reveal, rather than hide, the hollowness and ineptitude of the work in question.

    Just another all-the-fakers-neglecting-to-notice-the-emperor-is-naked type of work. I wouldn’t give it (and its questionable and undeserved publicity) a 2nd thought. Mediocrity, artsy and otherwise, often reigns supreme; but not always.

    I definitely echo the sentiment about suspending one’s disbelief, all the way! Let imagination (and the spirit of imagination) soar.

  12. This was fantastic. These reviews were a lot less silly than your other reviews (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE those reviews) but this made me contemplate a lot of stuff about my own experiences in the parks. Loved the ending, it felt like Gandalf or Han Solo returning to see you in Disneyland again!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next. I think you may have become my favorite reviewer ever on Channel Awesome.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Me too and if Doug ends up doing more clipless reviews or he ends up sucking he’ll become my favorite talent on this site.

      • Kyle would be my favorite, but he’s not on the site anymore. :< Tony's my favorite since Doug's already fallen out of my favor with the clipless still in theaters non-reviews.

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          I REALLY don’t like it when people think it’s necessary to insult Doug while complimenting me. I literally wouldn’t be doing ANY of this if not for Doug, and I like his clipless reviews. He’s still commenting on the movie, it doesn’t matter whether he uses clips or not. I want to be your favorite because I’m REALLY that good, not because Doug had the gall to differ slightly from the format you’ve grown accustomed to.

          • You’re my favorite reviewer here because I get the most entertainment (specifically deep, guttural belly-laughs and also deep, thought-provoking “hmmmm”s) from your reviews. I enjoy the Nostalgia Critic series, and I watch Linkara’s reviews because he’s great at funny ranting, but I genuinely enjoy your videos the most.

  13. Do they realize how horrible it would be if he did go with that girl? They made her look 15 at the oldest. I’d never noticed how young she looked until this video.

  14. This was an absolutely tremendous…, piece, I guess (I’d say it goes far beyond the label of a mere “review”). Fantastic insight, you really did wind up totally upstaging your subject.

    If I have a criticism, I thought the long speech at the end did kind of cross the line into schmaltzy a bit, but hey, that line is going to be in a different place for every viewer. And that final shot was just gorgeous.

  15. I did appreciate the irony of the monetization claim. Reminds me of how in all the time Doug’s been doing his Nostalgia Critic videos, the only one they tried to take down was “The Room”, an artsy indie flick from a complete hack. Or the many times Jim Sterling has gotten reviews of shitty indie games taken down by their developers. Though to be fair ā€” and I realized when the credits rolled ā€” this might not be the same thing in your case; Google probably has a policy of automatically flagging content from movies that are available legitimately on YouTube, and even if creators could tell them to make an exception, they probably wouldn’t ever think to, let alone put in the effort of finding out how.

  16. Congrats Tony. This was beautiful. I have an interesting question. Over this past season (or season so far, I’m not sure where you cut them), did you do most of your shooting at Universal to get around your annual pass blackout dates? Or was it purely an artistic choice?

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      Purely a creative choice (as Douglas Adams said, “the idea of ‘art’ kills creativity”). And one I kinda regret a little, in hindsight, because it meant I had to finish ALL those Universal reviews before I could do anything in Disneyland again.

  17. SJWAC, I commend you. I’m still fairly new to the Internet Commentator scene, and have not watched everyone, but compared to those I have, you are the most thorough in doing research. You’re right up there with Kyle. While others tend to act as if anything that happened before they were they born is not worth mentioning, if they knew it existed at all, you give a more rounded and richer context to your comments, and make them funny to boot. I’m 61, have always had an interest in many things, including stuff of a couple of generations prior to mine. Also, I like that you respond to people who post here. That’s cool. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year.

  18. In truth they (The Disney Corporation) should not even care about demanding legal licenses or copyright clauses signed by any normal or not-so-normal ordinary people filming a narrative story or “mockumentary” documentary for the possible desire of monetary gain or just simply for their own sake of having fun or creating family memories in their theme parks because they probably are so super-rich that they or their lawyers wouldn’t care much if you violated some copyright or plagerized something from or of their content or on ride locations for whatever purpose that person desires.

  19. I think and believe the Walt Disney Company despite creating the “Mickey Mouse Copyright Term Extension Law” back in 1998 during the Clinton Adiministration (I have researched it on Wikipedia), would be somewhat laidback about ordinary American or any other citizens in the world using their intellectual property to stream for themselves or bootleg versions of disney films or video games or books or whatever. Anyway they the Big D is a monopoly so they should not care so because they are not losing profits. Unlike my CUNY Kingsborough Community College institution located in Brooklyn, New York City which it’s Freshmen English Department constantly tell and warn or scare us innocent New Yorker students about how bad plagerism is though not telling or posting online everything about the subject fearing we will violate academic integrity with their fucked-up British-based website Turn It which is so effiecient in it’s tracking system for our homework and our Professor scared us by telling us about the Plagerism Thought Police Nazis who check for academic integrity and consequences can severe like oh fuck CUNY or the whole American education system for that. I guess that can happen the whole academic content violation thing for your homework (Never can use Wikipedia at all) but I can’t imagine a lot of people doing that my age here in Brooklyn especially 20 year old students who don’t know much of how to be knowledgeable and clever.

  20. I also can’t believe the company and director that slathered itself in some weird anarchistic revelry that they were able to film in Disneyland/world would want your video taken down. It can’t just be about how you destroy the film, that’s freedom of speech, but that you used parts of the movie? What a bunch of hacks. I was also interested in seeing the film when it came out, but after watching this, I really have no desire. I was waiting for any resemblance of Disney corruption in the world, and you pointed out the only thing with the prostitute princess’. Is it really Disney’s fault the main character has such a crummy marriage? That he’s a sexaholic?

    Anyway, you’re still the best Jerk-off, Jerk! Keep up the great work.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      To clarify: they don’t want my video REMOVED, they just want to collect all the ad revenue from it for themselves. Which…honestly, fine, whatever. I don’t get nearly enough views on YouTube to justify fighting over it. I just find it extremely ironic.

  21. Late to the party on commenting (long time fan – since just before you got picked up on Channel Awesome, actually) – but on top of another absolutely stellar review, I just wanted to give extra praise for that Disneyland/Entertainment/Happiness spiel. As someone who is currently at the Florida theme parks more days of the year than not, I found it incredibly poignant. I was never quite able to word what you did on my own, and for that, I thank you. Maybe I’m just at a very emotional stage right now, but I found it very moving.

  22. This was amazing. Just…thank you. I’ve been a long-time fan, but this review just blew me out of the water. This isn’t just a review of a phenomenally bad movie; it’s funny, it’s deeply thoughtful, and it’s undeniably art. Just, thank you for doing what you do. I appreciate it.

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