Escape From Tomorrow – Part One – Some Jerk

A movie shot at DISNEY PARKS?! That’s unpossible!

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Join Some Jerk With A Camera on location at Disneyland, California (and occasionally other theme parks!) for a series of whacked-out, irreverently irrelevant digress-alicious trips through some of the best and worst attractions and paraphernalia theme parks have to offer!


  1. Every time you and Kyle show up in each others’ videos it makes me so happy! 😀

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Great inventions jerks I need the cinekyle to understand really boring art house movies can you tell me where I can get one please.

    Anyways tony I know the video would be late and I gotta say I’m it disappointed and I know now that your videos will probably be a long wait butt I’m fine with that(just as long as I know how many parts it’ll be that would be good to know). But man this films that slow jeez it must have been really painful for you to watch that so long. Also I really think you love Disney inside of you you just don’t want to admit it on the internet(cmon buddy let it go and just tell us how you really feel about it.

    Btw, I heard about that MTV show somewhere I just know it(it’s just a little foggy that’s all)!!! But man if MTV gets away with the name and blames you for stealing the name even though you originally came up with it I’m gonna be really mad(and MTV can go f themselves too). Anyway can’t wait for the next part to come out in two or so months since I’m a real big fa of yours(as obviously can be told by the long comment I’m writing obviously:)

  3. A new Some Jerk with a Camera video that has song clips from both Rush AND They Might Be Giants! YAY! Good job as always Jerk.

    Do you prefer to be called Jerk or Tony in these comments by the way?

  4. Crossover Princess

    They came up with a show called Jerks with Cameras. Another reason why to call that Channel “Empty V”.

    Also I hate that whole “Bad things happen everywhere, especially here” message, I was at Disney World during the September/October transition week and nothing bad happened… okay so there was a sudden downpour 2 thirds into Fantasmic and the show was canceled and I forgot to put my 3ds into the baggy I kept my important stuff in so that got soaked (and with permeant damage to the L button so I can’t get the new Gravity Falls game unless I send it in for repairs or get a new system)… and I threw up after I got back to the hotel after a day Animal Kingdom… and worse of all NO MORE POKEMON CENTER STUFF AT EPCOT JAPAN! (gasp!)

    But my point is just to Wikipedia… it has a list of all the Incidents that happened at Disney Parks…

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Glad to see your Disney trip went so well and you didn’t get any bad luck. Say did you also see tony while you were in Florida cause that wouldve been awesome?

      • SomeJerkWithACamera

        I haven’t been to Florida since 2012 so that would’ve been quite a feat.

      • Crossover Princess

        Like he said, that would have been quite a feat…

        And I just mentioned all of the bad luck I encountered there that’s not getting into the bad luck I had when I went to Universal (forgot to put on a belt so my pants kept slipping).

        • MidnightScreeningsman2014

          Too bad. I hoped you had fun though what rides did you ride on?

          • Crossover Princess

            I went on a lot of rides… thanks to the combination of low attendance and my disabilities (I can’t stand for very long so I don’t have physically wait in line) everything went by quickly.

            I went on the all but one of the rides on the updated list of best rides not in California, and that was Harry Potter and Forbidden Journey and that was because I was too fat for it (though ironically I was able to fit on Dragon Challenge), but it’s no big loss as it’s opening next year in Hollywood. But I did fit on Escape from Gringotts so it balances out.

            Other highlight include riding Spiderman four times, using my friends fast pass to ride Splash Mountain and Everest twice (he hates thrill rides), eating at the Coral Reef Restaurant and not only getting front row at the Main Street Electrical parade (once again, disabilities) but also one of the Jackasses complimenting on my Togepi baseball cap.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            What are these other disabilities besides having a walking disability you speak of and who’s the he hating thrill rides you speak off?

            Man screw that dude who complained about your baseball cap with that Pokemon on it pokemon is awesome!!! Glad you enjoyed though.

          • Crossover Princess

            I have Musclacur Dypthphy, a bun knee and a crappy ankle. These together make it hard to walk.

            I went with my friend, who’s scared of non-moition similartor thrill rides. (We rode Simpsons Twice and Star Tours three times) so I was able to convince him to Fast Pass for both Splahs Moutnain and Erverest so I could do them twice.

            Oh and I said one of the Jackasses complmeneted my hat… Part of the parade had boys who are turning into donkeys (AKA Jackasses) and one of them walked over and said he liked my hat.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Thats some dark stuff for a Disney parade but I can understand why they did it givin it was Halloween and all!!

          • Crossover Princess

            It wasn’t that dark… they just had ears and tails. And it wasn’t the Halloween Parade, it was the regular Main Street Eletrical parade.

  5. That’s why you avoid names that would become tv shows. That’s why I chose my Nahuatl name as my username. LOL.

    Escape From Tomorrow was ok.

  6. Great to see you back Tony. I never heard of this film before until this review and I actually gotta give the filmmakers kudos for guerrilla filming in Disneyland.

    I read the Wikipedia page of this a moment ago and am surprised Disney didn’t take legal action against the film to avoid giving it more attention.

    Looking forward to the next part and loved all the cameos!

  7. crap the boy is infected kill him with fire

  8. Great vid, can’t wait for the rest. This movie deserves a good review/riff. LOVE the intro. MTV can always find ways to get worse. By the way, seeing young skinny Jack Black with shaved off hair in that clip where the audience is clapping was super distracting. 😀

  9. Haha, I’m actually in this movie. I’m the bellhop at the very end, literally the last scene and line of the movie. I didn’t even audition for the part. I was doing background work for a couple years and got a call telling me I was booked just like any other gig. When I showed up to set, I got into a costume then the director gives me a script. My scene took like an hour tops to shoot and it wasn’t until like 2-3 years later that I heard anything else about it. I got an invite to the premiere in LA somewhere.

    I asked the director what was up with my “character”, like, was he supposed to be St. Peter or something? He smiled and said “Very good! Keep that in mind when you’re saying your lines”. Even with that sorta inside info, I still didn’t understand what he was going for.

    Very bizarre movie, for sure. If it’s remembered at all in decades to come, I think it’ll be remembered more for its guerilla-style shooting on DisneyLand property with no permits than the actual movie itself. Without that controversy, this movie would’ve been another low-budget indie movie that slipped past most peoples’ radar like all the others.

  10. Don’t liking shows of MTV is the sign that you become older than the demographic. I think that ‘middle aged man’ with a camera could be a better title.

  11. Was that – a spoof of a Weird Al spoof at the end? Or was that actually Weird Al spoofing his own spoof? I don’t know what’s real anymore…

    • That is an actual parody song Weird Al did. “A Complicated Song” that parodies Avril Lavinge’s “Complicated,” and that line was the 3rd chorus line.

  12. tastetherainbowmothafuka

    I was there when they wrote “Jesus” in the sky! It was the day before thanksgiving and at first we thought it was like a proposal or someone spelling out a loved ones name. We didn’t know why it spelled Jesus but like “yeah ok something religiously inspiring I guess sure” and then I saw the trailer for the movie….and I’m even more confused than when I saw it in person

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      They did that when I visited too. I don’t think it’s a one-time thing; I think some local rich religious nuts pay skywriters to write “JESUS” above the Magic Kingdom literally every day. Disney don’t control the skies…yet.

  13. This movie won at the Sundance Film Festival? Does it go somewhere later? Or do I have no taste in movies? Ive seen lots of other independent films and liked them, but the only thing I like about this one is it reminds me of Disney Parks. By the way, I love the joke about the ser designer. Stupid but brilliantly stupid.

  14. You like Disney too much it’s inhuman, you and me both brother.

  15. I thought it was called Disneyholics Anonymous. Yeah “Night At The Museum Four, Escape From Tomorrowland.”

  16. I realize I may be a minority here but I’ll say it anyway: I love and loathe Jerk’s style of reviews qith a passion.

    I love it when he’s actively spending run-time about the thing in question and criticizing it either with clips or just him talking but I despise how much time he “wastes” (at least for me) beating around the bush, digressing to hell and back, and padding the review. Oh and the inside jokes. My goodness, the inside jokes! You need to be a Channel Awesome scholar (and I dont even know how many more) to understand them all! Cameos and references galore many times with no explanation whatsoever can make a very difficult recommendation to other Theme Park enthusiasts who aren’t into this site!

    I find myself fast forwarding through all that extra fat and basking in the actual review parts (and they are brilliant and insightful!) but sadly, in some videos like this one, can make for so little of the video it can get ridiculous.

    So from a relatively new-ish quasi fan I say: I love and hate your reviews, Jerk. I wish you didn’t deviate so much and so long from the review in question but when you don’t you’re great and I’m so into it that I cannot help but feel frustration when the good parts are inevitably interrupted after mere 30 seconds for more pointless cameos, inside jokes and weird skits that can go nowhere.

    Take my criticism as you may. Sincerely: your Hater-Lover #1 fan-ish.

    • Now, I’m biased as a camera operator and occasional on-camera cameo for this show, but I would say this episode digresses significantly LESS than most Some Jerk videos. Nearly all the sketches and bits tie directly in to a point he’s making about the film, and with the exception of Kyle, none of the cameos require you to know who the people are to understand the scene. There are a few callbacks to previous Some Jerk episodes, but nothing that requires you to be a Channel Awesome scholar.

      As for the necessity of the sketches and bits in general, that’s a matter of taste, but this episode was a strange place to draw the line.

      • That’s fair.

        I chose to comment here only because it was the most recent video but I had just finished the three BTTF The Ride videos (while fast forwarding a lot) and suffice to say those digress a whole freaking lot so I felt like expressing my opinion here.

        The sketches and bits in general I realize it’s a matter of taste its just that I’ve never encountered a series of internet videos that make me go this bipolar. And I’m not even talking about the references to past episodes, I get that. I do subscribe to the notion that I’m expected to watch them in order but what I don’t agree on is having to be familiar with every reviewer on the internet to understand it all. The fact that Jerk doesn’t help by mentioning who this or that guy/gal is only makes matters worse for me.

        Like I said, for every part I find fascinating I find one or two others that leave me scratching my head or irritated for deviating into more pointless skits that very often overstay their welcome. This video may be the exception, for the most part, but the point still stands.

        I don’t mean to be rude, this is just my constructive criticism. I know Jerk has a style but at the very least I know you guys can do better when it comes to inside jokes, references and cameos. That’s the biggest hurdle I see when I think about recommending this to some other theme park fanatic.

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          Well, FWIW, I’ve always subscribed to the “kill ’em with quantity” rule of comedy – if there’s a bit you don’t like or don’t get, wait thirty seconds and there’ll be a new one. I’m generally not a huge fan of videos that do NOTHING but explain why something sucks, so I try to switch it up as much as possible. Some of the comedy works, some of it doesn’t.

          Even in the BTTF videos of which you speak…I agree those were VERY very cameo-heavy, but about 95% of those cameos were just reviewers doing wacky Doc Brown impressions; if you’ve never seen any of their shows (and some of them don’t even HAVE shows, they’re just personal friends of mine) it’s just a bunch of random people saying wacky shit as Doc Brown. If you see a familiar face, great, but otherwise I don’t think the part of it that’s (supposed to be) funny is affected.

          Bottom line, it’s my show so I try to appeal to myself first and foremost. I don’t say that to diminish your opinion, I’m just saying there’s gonna be times when it differs from mine in regards to what works and what doesn’t. But you already knew that; do you have any other specific examples of sketches/in-jokes/references/cameos that you find especially egregious?

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          Also…this might just be my personal taste, but I love it so much when I GET inside jokes that it doesn’t bother me that much when I don’t. I just assume, “Well, that must’ve been an inside joke” and I move on. I never mind as long as they’re not done excessively. I agree that I have a lot of jokes that are ENHANCED if you get a reference I might be making on one level, but on another level, I always at least try (though I know I don’t always succeed) to have another layer of pure funny that anyone would get. But as always, your mileage may vary.

          • Sorry for the long gap to reply. I forgot to check this again.

            Off the top of my head another example of heavy use of sketches/in-jokes/references and the like is The Simpsons The Ride ones (I know there are more videos I could mention but I haven’t seen the rest in a while). That series of videos I found just as fascinating as they were egregious that I ended up fast forwarding through a lot of fat.

            That’s not to say that I can’t find your brand of humor funny, because I do. Sometimes. But it never happens with the in-jokes and cameos but rather with the clever parts that anyone who would be watching a video of yours for the first time could find funny without loads of prior Channel Awesome/Jerk knowledge.

            I realize I’m not all of your audience but, in my opinion, you are alienating a whole bunch of potential people when you put the entry bar to enjoy your videos this high.

            Yes, I agree. In-jokes, when you can get them, can be extremely effective. But the problem with these is that you severely limit the reach of said joke. This is obviously an agree-to-disagree point with you because what for you is a “I didn’t get the in-joke, I bet it was hilarious if I could understand it, Ill just move on” type of deal for me its a “well I didn’t get this in-joke either. It seems I don’t fit in this little club so I’ll leave”. An in-joke, reference, or cameo here and there are okay but the Jerk videos can abuse these too much. The only reason I’m still here is that what I live of the videos I really love! But that’s just like 50% of the content per episode.

            And lastly the “kill them with quantity” part can be a double edged sword. Sometimes less is more and then there’s also the “quality over quantity” that can get in the way if the quantity isn’t hitting all its marks.

            But these are of course your videos and you should do whatever you feel like doing. These are just some opinions and criticism from an outsider who’s also a huge theme park nerd, a casual Channel Awesome viewer who manages to both love and hate the Jerk videos and wants to express his opinion. Its frustrating that I’m a videogame, movie and theme park buff and find myself lost very often with your videos… I can only imagine what a non initiated could feel like. I want your channel to grow but I strongly believe the entry slope for Some Jerk With A Camera is way way too steep.

            PS: your Doc Brown cameo-extravaganza bit in the BTTF The Ride video is, for me, the perfect example of a good comedy part that overstayed its welcome by a country mile (quality over quantity would’ve been good here IMO). You stuck to it too long, the shtick got old and ended up bringing the video to a halt from an the otherwise immensely fascinating stream of content.

            I’ll try to check this page once a day in case you respond. Thanks for replying in the first place.

  17. Holy shit Jerk you’re alive! 😀 Glad to see you.

  18. I was really hoping a Kyle cameo was where that infomercial was going but I still lost my shit completely at “adjustable brow height!”

  19. TheTatteredKingInYellow

    That Dunkin Ronpa shirt though.

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