Escape From Tomorrow – Part Two – Some Jerk

No, no, wait, seriously, let me make sure I’ve got this straight: a MOVIE…shot at the DISNEY PARKS?!? There’s no way that’s right! You speak voodoo!

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Join Some Jerk With A Camera on location at Disneyland, California (and occasionally other theme parks!) for a series of whacked-out, irreverently irrelevant digress-alicious trips through some of the best and worst attractions and paraphernalia theme parks have to offer!


  1. Crossover Princess

    You have sex wth kangaroos? What the hell! And yes I was listening to you because I’m a hetrosexual woman so boobs don’t turn me on!

    Also nice use of a 30 Rock clip!

  2. When you said you could say absoultly anything I thought back to on of Nash’s older video “Arm and Ridiculous” which wa the debut of Arlo P Arlo and Nash did pretty much th same “Pineapple Mexico (What out for the penguins) Panda”

  3. Wha? I was too busy staring at Jenny McCarthy’s boobs.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Nice of you not toeven say Gary’s full name but meh I’m fine with that. Love the review didn’t expect this part to be out today but it’s awesome cause tonight I have a suprise from my daad which is probably gonna go see mockingjay part 2 so to have your video come out made me excited so thanks tony. Though in regards to the movie dam this thing is slowly moving but at least you have about 50 minutes(which I believe will have cameos from *deep breath* calluna, count jackula,the horror guru,trickster belle,rig productions,Gary the gorilla gurilla etc.) is that true? Anyways can’t wait till thanksgiving,karts should die,and Jenny McCarthy is taking the world over with her cat army(it’s true you must admit it too right!!!)

  5. If you give up the camera, you’ve still got the leaf blower business.

  6. you are a strange little man and i wonder why i watch your videos then you do something funny and i remember XD

  7. You’re an emu woman! dudududududuh

  8. I never saw the movie with the song “everybody wants to be a cat,” so I can’t remember if it was from the Preview Channel or playing N64 at Blockbuster where I heard the song over and over again.

  9. When you talked about Emus (and I’ve always known I as E-mu) this is what came to mind

  10. I just deleted a long rant about everything wrong with the idea of claiming emu is Turkey. Meat of it is; obvious size difference and the economics of it.

  11. wait a minute, if that’s an emu leg, he must ge a Giant!

  12. No one else gonna mention the fact that we just got to hear Linkara say “ball slapping, primal sex”, no? Okay.

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