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Nostalgiaween begins with a cult classic that no one understands why it’s a cult classic. The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1997’s movie Event Horizon.

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  1. First of all, great job Critic, love the Halloween style jokes. Second of all, you know what handled this idea so much better and was so much scarier? Doctor Who. Remember the two parter “The Impossible Planet/the Satan Pit?” THAT got in the viewer’s head, and the heads of the characters.

    “The scientist, still running from daddy.”

    “The soldier, still haunted by the eyes of his wife.”

    “The little boy who lied.”

    “The Doctor, the killer of his own kind.”

    Just hearing the Devil whisper to each of the character’s was so much more chilling than any jump scare and told you so much more about the characters themselves.


  3. Why does that crew need to be scientists? The opening text establishes that space travel is more common, and thus no, rocket scientists AREN’T needed, especially with their mission being recovery. You’re looking at military engineers, what use would a physicist be? They have the one as needed, and the rest fix the technical aspects.

    • Hell, I’d hesitate to call these guys military. A salvage crew is more apt. Why would any of them be knowledgeable about wormhole theory?

      • It’s not more apt, it’s accurate. They are a salvage crew. It is actually stated in the film.

      • The Grey Prophet

        A salvage crew that ignorant would be pretty dead damn fast. Space is unforgivable.

        • They’re not a salvage crew, they’re a rescue crew. They were sent to find and save survivors, but there weren’t any. What makes them ignorant? I couldn’t tell you the intricacies for how a car works, but I can operate one safely. You don’t have to have a degree in a field to use the technology.

  4. That’s… that’s not a rocket pack. He JUST said it, je blew his air tank. That’s not the same thing as a rocket pack, man.

  5. I. Need. That. Coat. So. Badly.

  6. Wow. Didn’t expect you to diss this movie *insert troll here*

  7. Happy Nostalgia-Ween, everybody!

    • Nice job on the Goosebumps inspired intro for this years Nostalgia-ween, and regardless of Jack Black starring as R.L. Stine in the Goosebumps movie, I’m still planning on seeing it. Oh, and nice Halloween jacket.

      I’ve actually remember seeing the trailer and TV spots of this movie when it was coming out, cause it stars Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. I even watched the last half of this movie when they showed it on Fox prime time, and I thought it looked creepy.

      4:06- Nice job on the 2015 joke. Now excuse me while I take off my Nike Power Laces shoes so I can give the dogs some air.

      6:02- Well, this movie’s director is a fan of the movie Alien, and he later directed Alien vs. Predator, which is thankfully better than this.

      6:45- Oh hai, Alfred Pennyworth from the Gotham TV series. Nice to see what you were in before that show, ha?

      8:40- Yeah, imagine if the captain’s chair in a starship from Star Trek was like this. Not even Admiral Ackbar’s chair from Return of the Jedi was this uninspired.

      12:43- With the names “Baby Bear” and “Mama Bear,” I’m instantly being reminded of the Disney animated movie titled Brother Bear.

      14:24- At least Anakin Skywalker’s turn to the Dark Side was explained. Sam Neil’s character only turned bad by the drop of a hat.

      15:16- Just did. I watched the show’s intro, and it DOES look shittier than this movie.

      If I want a space version of Hell, I’ll stick with the planet Apokalips from the DC Universe, thank you very much. Besides, Darkseid looks much more menacing than the demon version of Sam Neil.

      I never knew that this movie has a cult following, and after watching this review, I have to ask “Did this film REALLY need a cult following?” But the gore looks really impressive, it could give the gore in The Cell a run for its money.

  8. So here’s what I wonder. How much of this movie inspired the Doctor Who episodes The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit. Becuase there are a lot of similarities. One of the most notable ones is the kid putting himself in the airlock and sending himself outside. Even more so, how much of the cult following has been influenced by those Doctor Who episodes?

  9. yes, more traditional reviews! and yes, more Jim!!:D

  10. Well, I liked this film because 1. Alien fan, 2. Laurence Fishburne, 3. A certain videogame called Dead Space is what got me so interested with this film. It’s not perfect or great, but just like your review on Osmosis Jones, there’s always a better version, ya just gotta expand your interests upon other mediums like books, comics, tv and other forms of the medium.

    Also, yeah, space truckers, but honestly, if we end up having a future on space travel, not everyone is gonna be scientist or a space pilot, their may be some trainees or students. Just look at how the structure of a job goes. They’re gonna get some new meat on a group and micromanage them.

  11. Eh, I enjoyed this movie for the mix of grungy ‘realistic’ space designs mixed with pseudo-gothic aesthetics, the whole cosmic horror idea of lofty science experiments unleashing things we can’t comprehend, and of course Lawrence Fishburne. I won’t say this is a great masterpiece or anything, but I found it interesting enough to watch, so of course I kinda disagree with Doug here.

    I do kinda wish he’d dial back the skits though. I remember when they were just Doug cutting between himself with different voices and it felt funnier and snappier that way.

  12. It’s weird, but in the line “that’s the funny thing about Hell, it can exist at any time and at any place” you sum up why I love this movie. It wasn’t just the gore that could have been that drew me in, although if it was there that would have helped, but the sense of true and inescapable terror and eternal suffering and torment. Event Horizon is like a Lovecraft short story in the sense that it presents you with something that you cannot fight, escape, or reason with. No matter what you are going to Hell and for that It is one of the few horror movies i saw after age 10 that scared me after everything was explained.

  13. Oh, you did NOT just slam Goosebumps, I know it. Seriously, A) they’re meant for a younger audience than “The Twilight Zone”, and B) they still managed to be entertaining (and more, for a much more niche subset of kids, but that’s another story). Heck, “The Ghost Next Door” predated The Sixth Sense, and it had ANOTHER twist worked in there in case you figured out the first one.

  14. Ehm… sam neill’s transformation is not so sudden, the ship has been calling him from the begining (thats the reason behind those scary dreams), and he aligns with his ship more than the crew.

    Btw, the crew doesn’t need to be scientist if its common (just have one of those), and the guy does not have a rocket pad. And saying that Alien “happen around at this time” when it was released almost 20 years prior is quite a stretch. It has even more to do with Hellraiser in my opinion.

    I think it is a good movie (no masterpiece), with a curious mix of “haunted house” and “space horror”.

  15. Go play Doom 3… its basically a better version of this movie… 😛

  16. So, the movie is like Alien meets Hellraiser. That sounds pretty awesome!

  17. Wow, you really out-bullshited yourself this time

  18. I bet i know who’s hair piece the devil goes to inhabit…Trump.

  19. This is the most recent film to ever have deleted scenes of which there are no copies of! I’m dead serious, look it up! Yeah, being a movie buff, I knew that from the beginning. You have starving children?! Pause at 00:18 to read the joke. I heard the Goosebumps movie might be good.

  20. Sadly, the studio actually DID want to release a director’s cut of the movie on DVD, which would have restored at least 10min and much of the gore. Sadly, in a move of cinematic tragedy rivaling the BBC’s storage of old Doctor Who serials, the footage had been either lost or poorly stored, some of it actually having been found in a salt mine in Transylvania in bad condition according to Wikipedia.

    Apparently the rough cut was so disturbing people actually fainted during the test screening.

  21. Devil's Advocate

    maybe I misinterpreted what you were saying but if they established the dimensional portal, why are you acting like the film is saying Hell is in space and not another dimension? isn’t the latter what the designer guy said?

  22. First: love the new Nostalgiaween opening, that gets me right in the childhood. 2nd: I saw Event Horizon years ago, on tv, & was entertained; but I could understand why some folks didn’t like it.

  23. Sorry Critic, you’ll never convince me that this is SOMEHOW a bad movie. Event Horizon was fantastic and a CLASSIC in the space-horror genre.

    This along with the first Mortal Kombat flick, and i’d argue, the 1st Resident Evil, are proof that Paul Anderson was once capable of making damn good movies!

    Mortal Kombat 1/Event Horizon/Resident Evil 1= AWESOME.

    (Say what you will about the other Resident Evil movies but, the first one was pretty solid all-around).

  24. This movie felt like something new. That’s why so many people liked it. Like myself.

  25. Ok, Doug. This was an acceptable review. But I swear, if I see a clipless review of the new Goosebumps movie in the next two weeks, I will be VERY upset.

  26. I. Need. That. Coat. So. Badly.
    You keep acting like the crew of the Lewis and Clark are scientists. They are not. They are salvage and rescue people, so none of them would give a shit about how exactly the Event Horizon works in detail and blowing it the fuck up instead of studying what exactly happened isn’t that bad an idea.

  27. Gabriel Prichard

    Oh a goosebumps parody at the beginning thank you goosebumps is my childhood nostalgia. I do not know if you remember me but we met at Zenkaicon I was the ginger kid. My name is Gabriel I mentioned it was a pleasure to meet you I would have said more but you were busy signing autographs so I was polite and left quickly after getting your autograph.

  28. Gabriel Prichard

    Man Critic had too much Mexican food the night before nostalgiaween lol

  29. Patrick Donnolley

    Is anyone wandering why there was a techno remix of the Imperial March.

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