Everybody Walk the Dinosaur – WTFIWWY Live

This week: When a man loves a reptile, can’t keep his mind on nothin else (except the venom). Also: the lengths we’ll go so grandma won’t see us spanking it, and the newest bra padding: lizards!

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  1. @8:27 As I’ve said before natural selection at work.

  2. @18:32 Looks longingly at the bottle of vodka on the shelf above him….

  3. ThatAnimeChick

    This week:
    1. Remember, “Hiss” means “Hiss”!
    3. What is it about Chuckie Cheese that makes people crazy?
    5. Anyone else getting sick of Trump supporters?
    6. Actually, my brother used to have a pet Red-Bearded dragon, and I can tell you the spikes on it’s sides are soft. Also, I have to ask, she lady drunk before put the lizard in her bra?

    I know I skipped a few, I didn’t have anything to add.

  4. 1) “Humans are not Venomous”: That is correct, but the bite of another human can be relatively dangerous!
    Due to the bacteria living in our mouth there is a high risk of infection.
    2) Making a Comy joke about a fraction which “wants to work closer with Russia” seems to lose the punch.
    3) Many Lizards hide in Caves, and there were multiple crashes.
    My guess is he was hiding.
    4) I saw Blues-brothers before i read good omen, so i always thought of the Car-Scene at the end.
    5/EDIT/PS) With the title i somehow immediate thought of Saints-Row. (How are the chances of someone falling trough the roof of the white house and becoming president? Seems like the best option in the current system…)

  5. Well, the Xindi have 5 or 6 subspecies and 5 different cultures, so there’s that. Oh! also the Charon. The charon have 2 races and one enslaved and “civilized” the other, and the guy who’s black on the left and right on the right is still pissed off at the one who’s black on the right and white on the left about that.

    Other than that, yeah, even Earth has one government controlling the whole planet.

  6. TragicGuineaPig

    Tara: there are actually different species of snake that are referred to as “Diamondback”. For example, the Diamondback Water Snake (nerodia rhombifer), which incidentally, is harmless. The Diamondback Rattlesnake (crotalus adamanteus) isn’t so harmless.

    Nash: in Florida, it is illegal to kill native snake species. Of course, it is also illegal to capture them alive and try to keep them as pets. But like Tara, while I avoid any snake that can kill me, I still appreciate that they released it alive rather than kill it.

    The Dinosaur fad: I blame Rob Walker. He’s a dinosaur!

    About Starbucks: My town only very recently got a Starbucks. And there are neighboring towns that are larger and still don’t have one. Caribou is better than Starbucks, though.

    There is a street in St. Louis named after General Sherman. Missouri is NOT the South.

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