Evita – Cinemadonna

Don’t cry for your failed Oscar bid, Madonna.

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  1. OH YES! I LOVE EVITA! 😀 I’ve a sucker for ALL musicals and sometimes I’m a sucker for Madonna. And her outfits are to die for! This movie just touches all my weaknesses, I guess.

  2. I didn’t know Madonna made anything after this. I thought she sort of faded into retirement, Coming out occasionally, like when she adopted an African kid and when she got that English accent for a little bit.

  3. Ooooh, this doesn’t look good…hey, isn’t that the guy from Pirates of the Caribbean? So that’s who Elizabeth’s mother was…

    Didn’t someone on this site talk about this movie already, a while ago? Now who was he again?

  4. I completely understand your point of view about the music styles being all over the place; but it was written in the seventies, that was kind of the point. I see the conflicting styles to exemplify the chaos and confusion of the time period and the events occurring. Granted, Webber’s take on rock music was weak, but i think the other styles fit.

    As for Che’s seeming confusion what to think about Evita; I read somewhere that Che was a stand in for the whole countries opinions of her. One minute he’s praising her, the next belittling her. Imagine a Youtube comments section given flesh in the person of one man.

  5. Great
    Wait Andrew loid Weber is a real person who made Cats i thought that The Nanny series made him up

  6. My gawd! I didn’t think I could despise a musical more than Mama Mia. I feel sorry that you had to sit through this travesty, Todd.

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