Face The Raven – You Know Who

The Reviewer faces his own demons as Clara faces her own destiny in the latest Dr. Who review.

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  1. This episode hinged on them not screwing up in the following two episodes.And then they screwed up in the second following episode.

    • Exactly ! Clara’s farewell was really dragged out and all, but it’s ok. Clara was important and stuff, and eventhough this was her FIFTH farewell scene… I’m ok with it because she had a good send off, that tied in with her arc and all…

      And then, Hell Bent. Fn’Hell Bent. Into the Sleep was in every objective aspects the worst episode of the season, but I don’t care about Into the Sleep. I HATE Hell Bent o_o

      • Totally agree. If the death had stuck, this would have been an incredible episode. Why does Moffat (though RTD was as bad with Rose) feel that every death has to be reversed? You want to do something “brave” (like killing a companion) have the guts to really commit to it.

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