Fall TV Marvel – Unrepentant Geeking

Shaun begins a two-part look at current superhero TV offerings with a visit to the Marvel side of the street.

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  1. Aw, man. I’m so behind on Agents of SHIELD that I’m only 50% through the first episode of this new season. I stopped once you started to discuss Agents of SHIELD. LOL. I’ll come back when I’ve caught up. Also, I don’t have Netflix so I don’t have much to say on Luke Cage either.

  2. oh that magic book thing is actually in the comics? I did assume it was just another thing the show had made up.
    also, yes, ghost rider is actually awesome. I’m very glad they pulled it off and he’s going to be around for a while not just a one episode cameo

  3. cottonmouth’s character reminded me of the villain from Agents of Shield that was the head of Hydra. As soon as you find out he has a sad interesting back story they kill him off! I was getting a bit annoyed with Rosario Dawson’s character (as much as I love her too) constantly having to talk Luke into fighting. After the fifth speech about using his powers for good and not running away, I was getting really fed up. That’s not the fault of the actors though. I think I would have liked it better if the show dealt more with Harlem being gentrified, since that’s actually happening. How there’s no more room for an old style barber shop that Pop had. Either way, it was an incredible show and I do agree Diamondback was a bit cartoonish, but I don’t think I dislike him as others. great review 🙂

  4. After almost three months, I have FINALLY caught up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m not a big fan of Ghost Rider but the storyline was pretty good all things considered. Also, yeah, sometimes when I watch the show despite it being fictional, I feel much better about my own life. Haha. I also agree with you on Chloe Bennet’s acting. I remember thinking she wasn’t a good actress in season 1. She has really improved.

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