Familiar Faces: Top 11 Comicstrips

See you in the funny papers.

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Familiar Faces, the show that gives a second look at the underrated and forgotten characters from your favorites, new and old.

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  1. ManWithGoodTaste

    Reposting old comment. **** yeah Wall of Voodoo!

    Also, Endtown is becoming one of my favorite THINGS as well. For a few reasons. One, I love the art style, and that is the only reason to make me read ANY comic. Second, it mixes all genres possible, including science fiction, and makes them work in a cartoon world… somehow… let’s just say the laws of physics take minor hits here and there. Third, this comic’s characters and writing healed me emotionally when I needed so. And I will forever be grateful to Aaron for making Endtown.

    One more thing. I believe that a list of best anythings is a bad idea. By pronouncing a winner, you are declaring everyone else losers. Does that mean everyone should be winners? Hell no! But in truth, there are always many winners in any field. Why? Because all works of art are different. To make a top 10 list of comics and compare them in terms of quality, they all need to be in the same genre, and identical in content.

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