Familiar Faces: The Geek

A look at DC’s shortest running series…

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Familiar Faces, the show that gives a second look at the underrated and forgotten characters from your favorites, new and old.


  1. You’re back. Nice review.

  2. Xabaras Hellingen

    Mai Nigga RC is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Never heard of him. Very interesting trip down the obscure street.

  4. i love it when he does obscure comic characters

  5. Huh, I didn’t know RC covered comics as well as cartoons. Anyway, thanks for the Brother Power review- you filled in the gaps of my knowledge about him. Why am I NOT surprised that he was not handled well recently? Probably because DC (and comics in general) have kind of lost their focus in recent years. 🙁

  6. SailorRustyBacon

    Someday I’m gonna get that filthy animal.

    -THE END-

    Oh wait, wrong Geek.

  7. the notorious white moth

    The story arc with the Geek picking up the personas of those around him actually fits perfectly with his nature. He is a living doll, an inanimate objected granted life – and true to that nature, he is mimetic. He becomes whatever is projected onto him. In the revolution of the 60’s, he was a hippy. In the Reaganomics era, he was a businessman. In the 90’s, he was a tortured wreck trying to rediscover himself. No matter the setting, he is counterculture personified. The Geek is a cipher by design. Ultimately he is no one, which means he can be anyone. I’d even argue that’s one of his superpowers.

  8. two videos a month, two videos a year, same thing I suppose.

  9. I’ve never heard of this character before! I kinda like him. =D
    Love your videos CR, I always learn something new!

  10. Nice to see your still on the site CR. I always have enjoyed the information you put out in your videos.

  11. I remember his entry in the Who’s Who’s comics, but I never knew they did anything else with him. Interesting episode, thank you!

  12. And of course The Geek’s greatest claim to fame, having a sweet name.

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