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ERod is not quite done with the Trank-Tastic Four.

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  1. Even though I’m still not a fan of this format, this movie deserves this type of treatment. Ugh. I am always a bad movie defender but this one I cannot defend. I mean, I even like the early 2000’s movies.

  2. Fox will never give the rights back to Marvel, as long as they still got their sticks up their asses.

  3. 2:00 – Actually I have heard of the Roger Corman version from 1994. Sage and Linkara reviewed it together, and Cinema Snob also reviewed it.

    3:35 – Did Sue even have her ability yet in that scene?

    8:30 – What am I watching? The hammer hit a button so a portal pulls just the main characters into itself and nothing else. This is one of those illogical moments you should rip on, not do it yourself.

    • The difference is that Erod was just doing a bit for his show. This is an episode of a comedy video show, not a million dollar blockbuster movie that was meant to be taken seriously. The stuff that Erod does doesn’t need to be realistic because he’s just doing a bit. I get that you’re a robot who doesn’t understand how jokes work, but you come off looking very silly when you try to apply real world physics to something that’s clearly not meant to be taken seriously. It’s like demanding an explanation as to how Popeye gains superhuman strength by eating raw spinach straight from the can. Because CARTOONS, that’s how.

      • The Real Silverstar

        You’re not wrong, Goldstar, but why do you bother engaging this person/robot/troll thing? The SKARD1 is just a spammer/shut-in who’s role playing on his Mom’s computer. You’re never going to get a straight answer or any kind of logical comprehension out of him because he never breaks his stupid character. Seriously, just do what everyone else does when a child deliberately says or does something stupid and outlandish to get everyone’s attention and ignore him. He’s really not worth engaging in any way, shape or form.

        • I don’t think you know me well enough to say that. For instance I haven’t had any dealings with my mother since the property fraud occurred I had to hire a lawyer to deal with her.

          • Yep, just another pathetic troll with nothing worthwhile to say whatsoever. Silverstar totally called it. Clearly, you’re just some kid goofing around in your parents’ basement and therefore, you’re not worth mine or anyone else’s time. If I could do it here, I’d block your dumb ass, but instead, I’ll just start acting like you don’t exist starting…now.

            And clearly it’s not that you don’t understand comedy, you’re just really, really bad at making jokes. Seriously, you’re not funny. At all.

  4. I think the problem that stems from the Fantastic Four movies is that they cannot really function on their own. I don’t mean that you can’t make solo movies with them. I mean, you cannot have them work unless you acknowledge that there’s more superheroes than just them.

    You know why they’ve had so much difficulty getting Doctor Doom right? Because to really be loyal to the character, you have to establish that both magic and science both exist in his world. That is really tricky to do in a self-contained universe, as opposed to a sprawling world like the MCU where you can just point to Iron Man and Ant-Man to explain science and Thor and Doctor Strange and Thor to explain magic. C. Robert Cargill (the writer of Doctor Strange), who used to be a movie critic, noticed that Marvel movies that took place in their own self-contained universe were getting stale around the time of Ghost Rider. Nobody wants to see people puzzled yet again at the concept of what a superhero is.

    The Tim Story films probably had the best chance of working because superheroes back then were stuck to their own inmediate environment and weren’t expected to cross over. That ship has sailed in the days of the MCU. X-Men doesn’t run into these problems as much because it’s a huge world with 200+ characters and its own mythos that you can spin-off endlessly – Linkara can vouch to the huge amount of X-Men comic books out there. But Fantastic Four seem to be consigned to the same category as Spider-Man, who tried and failed to have his own independent franchise. The best thing about Homecoming is that it didn’t need to force Spidey to carry the weight of being the only superhero in his world. Letting him work in the same world as the Avengers allowed him to do his job as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man we all know and love. If Spidey could find his niche in the MCU, Fantastic Four could also work as the bridge between the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe Captain Marvel depending on what they’ve got planned for her (In fact I wish they could have Ben Grimm in that movie, but when he was an Air Force pilot, not the Thing yet. The 90’s setting actually aids that idea!).

    Plus, who doesn’t want to see the Human Torch and Spidey together?

    • I totally agree with what you said and it is worth mention here idea of MovieBob how to adopt franchise into MCU. Basically F4 sort off always were Atom Family and instead running from it they could use it as advantage. As Bob point out F4 in comic steal experimental rocket after they project was canceled and it is when they due to critical failure they gain powers.. point is that there is legit theory that they could make time travel (through Dr. Strange stuff).

      So basically people from 60’ties land in modern times. As such core of the plot would be fish out of water scenario, they struggle with modern society and sentiment of the past. With villain being only Phillip Masters (aka Puppet Master), who would be head of hero promotion campany attempting to manipulate people with supper powers who don’t want them, into becoming a superheroes team. And there will be no Doom.. at least not until Avengers or as trilogy finale, because he is Big Boss.. not some crappy introduction villain.

      But obviously for that Fox wound need make a deal like Columbia did.

  5. ERod made a good point about what utter BS the statement that the Fantastic Four are “too old fashioned for a modern audience”. Superman and Batman are even older and those franchises are both still relevant.

    The main problem with Fant4stic is that the producers tried to do a dark, serious take on the franchise while representing the F4 as a bunch of humorless, brooding millennials. The F4 was never dark and serious; there were some serious moments, but at it’s core, it was always a goofy comedy. Like Erod said; The F4 is basically Doctor Who fused with The Incredibles. I don’t see how a take like that would be so difficult to do. And if Marvel was able to do a successful Spider Man movie that skips Spidey’s origin entirely, then there’s no reason why that can’t work for the F4. I want to see these characters as seasoned heroes with a reputation and living in the Four Freedoms Plaza. I want to see Reed and Sue happily married, not just dating.

    I really hope that in my lifetime that I see a Fantastic Four movie that doesn’t suck.

    • I’m a bit wary of anything involving skipping the origin of the Fantastic Four. With Spider-man it made sense, because Raimi had already done it so perfectly, and Spider-Man was still a newbie in the superhero business. He got a proper development regardless.

      But you can’t have the Fantastic Four properly established, especially in the MCU, without explaining how they got there. Especially an Icarus story like Fantastic Four is. You can’t expect Reed’s grief and the Thing’s pathos without showing that fateful event where the smartest man in the world did something really, really stupid in space.

      I don’t really think we’re getting tired of origins. Especially from Marvel Studios. Because 1) most of their output is sequels nowadays and 2) when they do origins, they’re really timely with them. Ant-Man and Doctor Strange’s origins were well-developed, but they still were blisfully short and flowed naturally.

      • The Real Silverstar

        You don’t have to skip the origin entirely, just not devote the entire movie to it. You could have one scene where the Four are being interviewed on a talk show or something (could be a cameo by Conan O’Brien or Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon or whomever) and the host asks them how they got their powers, then one of them (most likely Reed) begins to explain the back story, wherein we see a 3 to 5 minute flashback sequence of them going into space (this sequence could be animated, like in a comic book style of something). Done. Back story summed up in just one sequence rather than an entire origin movie. Either that or go with Bob Chipman’s idea.

      • I think main mistake is attempt to treating them as superheroes on the first places. They are family! Making them yet another hero team would be boring. Why not make them a family who due to disaster gain unwanted superpowers? (as they are that) I think them struggling with people expectations when they just want have a life (like in case of Superman) is more interesting then same’ol shit. They on end would become superhero team but only because of they family ties, not because they are yet another do’gooders.

        • The Real Silverstar

          I agree. People tend to forget that the Fantastic Four aren’t superheroes; they’re a family of scientists, adventurers and futurists. Why not play it that way? I’d have the movie be more or less Jonny Quest with superpowers.

        • Yeah, that’s another consequence of them being apart in their own universe being a disservice to the Four. That basically forces them to be superheroes, because they’re the only superpowered good guys in the world. The MCU would allow them their particular niche.

          Not that they can’t be superheroes, but I think that aspect of them is better saved for the crossover events. You know, when Doctor Doom or Galactus shows up and they need the Avengers.

      • Anyone who’s familiar with the Fantastic Four should already know the team’s origin story by now, so there’s no need to devote an entire movie to it. Two of the three F4 films have been a retelling of their origin. If we really have to (once again) inform the audience of how they got their powers and so forth, then why not sum it up in a single 5 to 10 minute scene flashback sequence. Heck, you could even render that scene as a hand drawn cartoon sequence in which the art resembles a comic book complete with panels and the like. Hey, it’s the Fantastic Four. Have fun with it. In the film’s actual timeline, it’s a couple of years after the F4 have returned to Earth and they’re are already established as heroes/troubleshooters, so that heroes such Tony Stark already know them, or at least know of them.

        Bob Chipman (MovieBob) had a god idea, I think; Have the F4 start out in the 1960s, then have them get bombarded with cosmic rays while their and thus gain their powers in space, and then have the spacecraft travel through a wormhole, thus sending them back to Earth, but in the 21st century. I also like Bob’s idea of saving the arrival of Doctor Doom for the films’s sequel.

  6. That feeling when Roger Corman one is still most faithful to first family of comics and they iconic super villain. #FeelsBadMan.

  7. God help us if they make another Fantastic Four movie with HERBIE The Robot in it.

    • I personally wouldn’t have a problem with H.E.R.B.I.E. showing up in the movies, if he were written well and if he’d just be a helper and not replacing one of the Four. True, in “The New Fantastic Four” H.E.R.B.I.E. was indeed pretty annoying, but in his subsequent appearances, he’s been pretty tolerable.

    • The Real Silverstar

      H.E.R.B.I.E. is fine, as long as he’s kept in a supporting role. Part of why the character received so much hate in his debut in that 70’s cartoon was because he was handed the thankless task of replacing the Human Torch; and that was because at the time there was an embargo on Johnny Storm due to some studio planning a Human Torch solo movie which never panned out. To that I say if the producers couldn’t get all of the core characters, then why bother doing a Fantastic Four series in the first place? A little floating R2-D2 knockoff is OK helping out in the team’s HQ, but not as a replacement for one of the full-fledged team members.

    • ANd get this: he transforms into a Volkswagon Bug with “53” on the side!

  8. I was going to say that Human Torch should be carrying a shield painted like a flag, but then realized, wrong version.

    I still say the only GOOD Fantastic Four movie was the Pixar version.

  9. This was the biggest bullshit ever. Th worst part isn’t the entire bastardization of the source material though. it was trying to use Jordan as some short of shield or bait to get fans to make “racist” comments to attack them and say THAT’S why the shitshow failed. It failed because it’s shit. Nothing else and I’m glad it failed so they won’t ever try to force some diversity shit JUST to force it.

    • “Our screenplay writing and directorial vision is going to be weak, so let’s just cast a black actor to play a white character so we can blame all our problems on racism.” Seems like there’s some recent movie involving a gunslinger and some kind of tower…

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