Farewell Channel Awesome

Ryan finally says goodbye to Channel Awesome. Thanks for everything!

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  1. surprised this managed to get on the channel awesome site

  2. Guru Larry for new king of Channel Awesome, if he outlast Brad he owns the website right?


    Why did they add this.


  4. Maybe this was the video Tamara and Malcom were talking about -shifty eyes-

  5. So… A lot’s happened in the last few weeks huh?

  6. Damn, they actually posted it!


  8. Predictions for next week, Guru Larry takes over Channel Awesome, and peace will be brought to the Internet.

  9. Marianna Lovegood

    This guy sounds like he is reading this at fucking gun point.

  10. Yeah, clearly this is the only person who left Channel Awesome in recent times, right? Let’s ignore how the “Shows”-section has almost turned into a desolate wasteland by now.

    Of all the people leaving the site… why only post this one guy’s video of leaving? Because he’s the only one who doesn’t say anything bad about you in his video? Oh, and as usual, Mike Michaud only exclusively bids farewell to male contributors if anyone. Classy, Mike… classy.

    • yeah but he’s very critical of CA’s handling of the situation in the blog that he tells people to look at, which means CA never bothered to check/read.

  11. Hey guys I just heard, you can’t sign back in if you log out, they’ve disabled logging in, so if your still signed in, don’t log out.

    • Hard for me to do keep doing that since I’m on this site right now using Incognito mode for Google Chrome…

      If my power goes out, or windows 10 insists on updating then I’m screwed (unless the site goes down before then).

  12. They did this to themselves. I used to look at this site as an escape from my own suicidal depression. Now, it’s a burning dumpster.


  14. Peace out dude, enjoyed your vids.

  15. Do NOT log out, or else you will not be able to log back in! It seems like this, paired with the forum shutdown, is a way to censor viewer commentary.

    • Actually i logged back in after being logged out. just now it took many tries to do it…i had to change my password to do it. ^_^

    • I honestly don’t think this was intentional, they shut down the forums and forgot that that’s the only way to sign up, so just pure incompetence.
      Unless there was a way to sign up outside of the forums, then, yeah, it’s a way to censor people. (I never bothered with this site before)
      Can someone confirm if this is true or not?

  16. Just a giant wasteland now.

  17. Well, still no Forum, because hey, the best way to make sure folks can discuss how NOT horrible you are is by putting your foot on the server and crushing it so NO ONE can discuss how horrible you might be as a business…


  18. Goodbye, Ryan! Thanks for responding to me on Twitter recently. It felt nice to be forgiven for my previous comments. If this is my last comment on Channel Awesome, so be it. 😀

  19. Hey CA, you still have “Angry Joe Show” on your list of partners at the bottom of the site, might want to remove that now.

    I’d post this in the forums, but you know, you shut those down. And I’d tweet it, but pretty sure you’re not reading your mentions much these days. Don’t blame you, it can be depressing to be reminded of how much you suck. But since you’ve shut down the ability of people to log onto this site, there’s a relatively small number of comments, so you might actually see this.

    • Also Cinemassacre, who removed their connection to Channel Awesome on YouTube…

      Although, I’m not sure if that means much because they still have “That Guy With The Glasses” still as a affiliate under their partner section of the website.

    • So both AngryJoe, and Cinemassacre have been removed now XD

      I feel bad for Cinemassacre though because they still have “That Guy With The Glasses” up on their partner page on their website.

  20. Wheeew, I’m still logged in. Apparently, there is now an issue with that too and if I log out I wouldn’t be able to log back in.

  21. I got excited when I saw the title, thinking this was the video Malcolm, and Tamara were hinting at…

    Instead, it’s an old video I already saw on YouTube when I was making the rounds on all the videos related to this wreck of a company, and website. Also, I had to laugh how you kicked out TJ Kirk for not being advertiser friendly, but now no one will want to touch your company/website, or possibly even work with you guys since all your skeletons have been exposed.

  22. My avatar used to be my cat. Now it’s a weird purple triangle. CHANNEL AWESOME KILLED MY CAT.

  23. If folks are looking for a home away from the CA Forums (since they’re down for the foreseeable forever), try /r/channelawesome on Reddit. Because hey, at least you can discuss stuff freely there.

  24. The way things are going, this may be the last video posted on the site. Seems kinda fitting.

  25. Interestingly, Cinema Snob is still listed as a partner despite the fact that Brad Jones has removed every mention of Channel Awesome from his social media accounts… isn’t that interesting?

    • To be fair I think Brad Jones removed a lot of references to CA from his Social Media some time ago, he’s kinda been doing his own thing for a while now even though his videos are still of course posted to CA. But who knows, maybe he’ll be gone soon too.

  26. I don’t know why you’re all so surprised that they posted this. He said that he’s only leaving because he doesn’t have time for it anymore. It’s not like this is part of the controversy.

  27. Honestly I don’t think anything new is going to be posted here (Unless it’s Brad Jones.), Channel Awesome has also just cancelled their appearance at MomoCon 2018.

    So yeah, I think the show is over.

  28. GAAAAAH! It annoys me! It annoys me that this channel I used to like and frequently visit for the last 7-8 years (not sure how long I’m here, the Langoliers NC episode was just out at the time) is going down like this just because the idiot running it couldn’t say a simple sorry.

    But at least, Larry is making the situation more bearable. Thanks Larry, you’re making a shitty situation a little less shitty with your sense of humor.

  29. #changethechannel

  30. TheKnifewieldingTonberry


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