Farewell to Channel Awesome – Lotus Prince

It’s been fun – see you on YouTube!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. How could I not put a super long comment on your very last video on Channel Awesome? I think the first video I saw of yours was actually Lollipop Chainsaw on TGWTG now that I’m thinking about it. Now I’ll just be watching Nostalgia Critic and Chris Stuckmann on this site. Anyways, like I said the other day, I’ll be sure to still check out the occasional Let’s Play whenever I have time and ESPECIALLY if you ever get around to Danganronpa 2. I’ll come running like The Flash if I see that! Haha. I wish you the best and you’ll probably be seeing a comment from melkiss (At least I THINK that’s my name on YouTube) before you know it. ?

    • Oh, man, Lollipop Chainsaw was good times. 🙂

      I’d love to get to Danganronpa 2, as well! I just hope that I can coordinate things with Pyro at some point – We live rather far away from each other, now.

      Thank you very much for your support!

  2. I remember the first LP of yours I watched was Asura’s Wrath and it’s thanks to you that I discovered it and many other games. I probably won’t be able to speak with you like this again, I don’t like Twitter, so I’ll just say thanks for introducing me to many games.

    • Oh, man, Asura’s Wrath is so good! Well, if you’re not big on Twitter, then you can still post on individual YouTube videos’ comments sections – I try to respond to everyone. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your support!

  3. Thank you for the Killer7 playthrough!

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