Feel the Berne (Convention): History of Fanfiction Part 2 – Stuff You Like

In this episode: Mickey Mouse, Queen Anne, Sherlock Holmes, and A Brief History of Copyright.

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  1. From what I understand, it’s not that you can’t be sued for violating copyright if you don’t make money off it, but rather that they cannot ask for more money than you made (so, zero in this case.) Presumably they could still make other demands such as cease-and-desist (and likely would in case of ‘offensive’ takes such as Slash fiction.)

  2. Fanfic has such a rich history and now some people think about 50 Shades of Grey. LOL.

  3. The Micky Mouse Corporation logo you seem to have “borrowed” for the thumbnail and video is CGPGreys creation (link to the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk862BbjWx4). And you don’t use in a “fair use” way, and don’t credit the author in any way.

    A bit ironic on a copyright video which is basically just a longer version of his video on copyright that he made years ago.

    • Not quite! The version of the Mickey Mouse doodad I used is in the public domain, and was created around the time of the Sonny Bono Act (so 1998) but my version was from Wikimedia Commons as of 2009.

      CGP Grey’s version is also from the public domain and was created around the same time, he didn’t make it himself for his 2011 video.

      So it falls under the ‘all other images public domain’ section of my credits.

      Good eye, though! I love a CGP Grey video myself, though I think my favourite is the one about the electoral college. Because…yeah. 7% now. Poor Grey.

  4. Fuck you Bill Clinton for agreeing to sign the “Mickey Mouse Copyright Act” among other things in 98.

  5. Fuck the Clintons and Fuck the modern overly protective artistic property “precious” copyright laws regarding everything in mass media, that sounds like class-A oppression in North America and possibly the entire Western Hemisphere including Great Britain that constantly stifles some artistic integrity and creative growth in my opinion.

  6. And this is why when Disney movies now start with the original Mickey Mouse animation you should boo. They only use that crappy old animation to make it seem more “magic” and to prepare to have the copyright extended even further.

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