Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara is sick, but that won’t stop her from finally watching Ferris Bueller’s Day off. Bueller… Bueller…

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  1. Independence Day wasn’t really that good. Sure, it was popular back in the 90s, but it hasn’t held up, and in retrospect, it’s kind of dumb. It sure didn’t warrant a sequel. I think that’s why it didn’t score as high as the other films, despite being the more exciting of the three.

  2. Yes that was the scene Deadpool was spoofing.

  3. I’d read you were sick on twitter and was afraid we wouldn’t get a video this week. Glad to see your such a strong trooper Tamara! It is funny the users choice you got under the circumstance.

    I’d caught Ferris on tv a few times in high school, but hadn’t really watched from beginning to end and frankly was more amused by his sister Jeannie than by him. I could see how so many young people only wished they could be Ferris in high school but were sadly more likely to be living like Cameron or Jeannie.

    What finally got me to watch the whole thing was wanting to understand Renegade Cut’s video on the theory Cameron only imagines Ferris as motivator escape his personal funk. Certainly would explain why EVERYONE in town seems to know who he is and what he looks like, yet can’t seem to spot him traveling all over town!

    Of course Cameron never shares a seen with Jeannie, something the RC video doesn’t mention surprisingly. Here’s my weird theory to accompany the first weird theory.

    That Cameron possibly sees Jeannie as as a kindred spirit, because she too is an only child who feels unloved by her parents. He might think that giving her the role of the jealous sibling assures his mentor isn’t popular with everyone and thus still somewhat relatable.

    Notice she sings that same Wayne Newton song after her being swept away by Charlie Sheen and get her own taste of independence. Cameron could’ve heard her singing that on the way to class or sometime and than imposes the words on to Ferris when’s he’s lip-syniking “Danke Shane” at the parade before giving him a song that better to dance to “Twist and Shout.” Trippy!

    Feel better soon.

  4. The Real Silverstar

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is like I’ll Be Home for Christmas for me, in that it’s hard for me to get into it because the lead character is such a self-centered, manipulative, unlikable douche. Not a good thing when that’s the character you’re supposed to be rooting for. No kidding, when I first saw this movie, about halfway through it I started to root for the principal.

    Oh, and feel better soon, Tamara.

  5. I always saw a darker epilogue to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where Cameron gets kicked out of the house (and possibly physically abused) and so he goes to Ferris’s house, causing Ferris to have to admit to his parents that he faked being sick.

  6. Another one I haven’t seen like usual. I also haven’t seen the Key and Peele thing. haha

  7. I absolutely love this movie! It’s a big part of why I have a fondness for 80s films. I’m not surprised this one got the most votes for what you should see Tamara, but I would also highly recommend Groundhog Day and definitely want to see an episode on that one too, which is another great 80s film.

  8. I’m Russian I’ve never seen that, sorry. Good for freaking sick you Tamara that you went to acting school for a bad high school performance. Yeah I’m still jealous because I still go regular Liberal Arts college in Brooklyn, NYC, Kingsborough Community blah

  9. And no I didn’t exactly grow up under a rock, now a boulder or a large medieval weapon catapult or trebuchet that’s different though. Also read some books and get well soon.

  10. I saw this at some point. Can’t remember anything about it, except I do remember I didn’t find anything remotely good or enjoyable in it.

  11. I love this movie! 😀

    Cameron’s not sick, he just can’t think of anything good to do.

    The scene at the end with the swelling music isn’t about their friendship getting redeemed, it’s about Cameron finally getting the guts to stand up to his father. For some people, that’s what the whole movie is about.

    The music in the movie is amazing. I bought the soundtrack as soon as it was released. Last year. 30 years after the movie itself…

    If you like that it was set in Chicago, you should watch a lot more John Hughes movies.

    I know you get commenters who make comments like the ones you parodied, but the way you phrased that implies we ALL do that. I think the vast majority of us don’t. At least on this site… I don’t read YouTube comments.

  12. thatchickwithlonghair

    Speaking as a sister adult….

    Yes, Ferris IS a little shit. xD

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