Fifty Shades Freed – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews Fifty Shades Freed.

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  1. I am not into this stuff, but my wife likes it. I am not saying all women like it, but comparing it to Lord of the Rings, a trilogy with more of a male fan base, is not the best comparison.

    Are there any excellent trilogies of films that are made for a female audience?

    Bridget Jones is a trilogy…I don’t know if an excellent because I have never watched it…but it is more comparable.

    • Does Lord of the Rings have a “more” male fan base? Interesting assumption. Kind of like what I’ve heard all my life, “Girls don’t like horror.” “Girls don’t read comics.” Uh…wrong. We’re around. You just don’t see us for some reason.

      It’d be nice to have more excellent trilogies which contained a better balance of male/female characters driving the story, never mind the audiences who likes it. Sadly, the only example I can think of is a comic series, “Elfquest.” Has about a 50-50 male/female fan base.

    • I don’t know if the comparison is that off. What he specifically referenced was character development and plot development. You don’t have to have a action-fantasy film to have those elements; if anything, you’d think that a female-targeted romance would still have the characters change and grow over time, and the story to progress. Chris tends to approach the films he reviews from an intellectual perspective, so I don’t expect him to react purely based on what appeals to his own tastes.

  2. LOL @ your suffering. The soundtracks to these movies are pretty good, I’ll admit. This is a definite skip for me just like the other movies. I love stupid but sleazy is where I draw the line. You’re free now, Chris. You’re truly free. Haha

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