Fifty Shades of Grey – Lost in Adaptation

Is it possible to get a decent movie out of a terrible book? Maybe, but not this one. The Dom reviews the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation.

About The Dom

Reviewer of games, TV shows and movies. The Dom also likes to look at film adaptations of books and talk about what got lost transitioning from page to screen.


  1. Well, you got through it. However, videos where you suffer are more entertaining. Haha.

  2. Come to think of it, it would actually be a laugh to go into a DIY store with a suspicious list of items. Two metres of thin wire, a bag of nine inch nails, a blowtorch, a lump hammer, a large metal bucket, a couple of sandbags and do you have a copy of “Macaulay Culkin’s Guide to Home Defence”?
    Had to make a joke because I’ve got nothing more to say about this series, I said it all in my reply to the last video.
    Hope you can move on to reviewing something you actually want to review next, The Dom, you’ve earned it.

  3. Both parties may have agreed to your torture. But the safety work is sausages.

  4. Wow, that ratio of people who have read the book or seen the film vs those who recommended this episode…I guess I’m not the only one who has an auxiliary interest in such a cultural phenomenon but refuses to either read the book or watch the film as it doesn’t seem like something I’d want to touch with a 39 and 1/2 foot pole.

    • Its not people recommended, its people asked the question “have you read the book or seen the movie?”

      The number has grown a fair bit since he got patreon subscribers.

      • I see. If I should get on my feet financially I’ll probably start supporting people like The Dom on Patreon, but even if it’s just people asking if he’s read/watched something, I’ve never seen such a low ratio of people who have actually checked out either.

  5. I love how he humorously skirts around his name “The Dom” and his watchers being called “Subs” that was so going to get brought up. lol XD

  6. I need to become a patreon so I can get him to do lost in adpation for The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising for totally fucking up one of my favorite book series and that fact I think no one has ever even seen the movie.

  7. Alaster Boneman

    oh the Dom there is nothing subconscious about our desire to see you suffer.

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