Filthy by Justin Timberlake – Pop Song Review

Haters are going to say it’s fake. Or that it’s impossibly lame. Poor Justin.

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  1. Love the Young Frankenstein reference. I hope someone re-dubs his video with that sequence.

  2. Wow. I guess everyone has to go through their “Aren’t I sexy?” phase but you can’t do that twice, Justin. Yeah, I thought the Super Bowl halftime show was meh. I don’t mind Justin Timberlake. I LOVED Dirty Pop though. It’s dirtier than this song. The music video for Filthy looks good until that backup dancer part comes in but I wish the song was better. I don’t like this song and I didn’t even know it wasn’t referencing anything.

  3. I mean I kinda like the song, I always liked the dirty, minimalist grimey bass stuff, but it’s definitely lacking even by those standards.

    Also where’s the Top 10 best hit songs of 2017?

  4. I think this was suppose to be some homage to Prince in his style of music.

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