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No Real Thoughts this week, instead Doug reviews Finding Dory.

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Morkez Marihser

I will say as someone prone to panic attacks that you don’t often get double vision as much as you do focus vision, where your brain constantly looks at either one thing or nothing at all, trying to figure out every single visual nuance there whether you want it or not. However, the audio effects aren’t too far off from the experience, complete with emphasis on the stuff she herself was saying.

Totally agree with you on the whole PG issue – especially since, like you, I hate the way that they crowbar innuendo into these movies because I frequently find myself muttering “There’s your PG.” If you don’t believe me, consider this, The Peanuts Movie – THE PEANUTS MOVIE – had to fight to get a G rating (because of the Red Barron scenes). I could go on and on about why this sticks in my craw, but I find it ironic that back in the day The Longest Day, Planet of the Apes, The original Italian Job, 2001: A Space… Read more »

G is a dead rating. Last year, there were only 3 films rated G by the MPAA. I don’t think the content of movies are any different; I think it’s just some strange rating inflation that makes it impossible to be pure. x))


Nemo wasn’t played by the same kid. Also, I don’t know why but this movie doesn’t appeal to me even though I loved Finding Nemo as a kid.


so guess i’m the only person in the world who thinks this movie was overly sappy with a ridiculously contrived plot? meh. Finding Nemo was 100x better


It is a different person voicing Nemo this time round, as the original VA is now in his twenties or something and just wouldn’t sound right. But while they couldn’t fit him in as Nemo they did give him a small part as a speaking background character, because they didn’t want t just leave him out

Professor Persona
The reason for ‘G’ existing in the first place was for the exact argument that you were saying about people complaining about stupid things that they may not like for their kid to see. See, ‘Y’ meant ‘Young Viewers’, and originally it didn’t mean only for kids-instead, it meant that it was acceptable for young viewers to see. ‘G’ meant ‘General Audience’, meaning that the majority of people can go see it, but it may or may not be suitable for your ‘Young Viewer’. That was the difference. Then, parents started having a hairy canary about TV/cinema telling them what… Read more »

I didn’t really like it all that much. I thought the plot was trite and nobody had to give anything up. Everyone got everything they wanted. It just didn’t do much for me. The voice acting and animation was great though!


(Spoiler alert) If you’re referring to the whole thing with Dory’s parents still being alive, yeah, I was kind of on the fence about that at first because, yeah, it feels like a huge cop-out to have them not be dead. But on the other hand, I got to thinking and realized, well, we don’t see this often in an animated film released by Disney, so I ultimately chose to accept it.

Lapis Rune

It was PG for ‘lesbians’ probably, because parents don’t want their kids to be gay. Just like Frozen. They’ve all but outright confirmed it.


I agree with you on most points. I didn’t even know this was rated PG! I guess the movie’s so good I just didn’t care. Yeah, I was afraid they were just going to use the same plot over. Instead, it ended up being really unique and creative! I really feel bad for Dory.