Finding Dory – One Movie Later

Some Jerk With A Camera, The Wire and Luke Ski rate the new Finding Nemo sequel.

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  1. Like I said on YouTube. When he was in the car at the begining, the glare on his glasses makes him look like he’s crazy. lol.

    Also, got to admit, like the Monty Python reference at the end though. lol ‘Fishy FISH!’ Was worried if The Great Luk Ski was going to do ‘pretend’ nipple twist on The Wire though. lol

  2. @29:21-The phone number popping up and the sad music, this had to be one of the biggest laughs I’ve ever gotten off this website. Also, which of you is the Ben Folds fan?

  3. Finding Dory was so not good. already overrated

  4. Crossover: yeah!! Got anything planned for Harry Potter world?

  5. Hank the Octopus might be my new favorite Pixar character. I really liked how this was a great movie without an antagonist (besides the situations.) This movie has no real villain, for a while I thought it was going to be Hank, like he’d steal Dory’s tag or something and try to escape by himself but he went through so much shit for her.

  6. I haven’t seen it (as the last movie I saw was Toy Story 3), but didn’t most people think Brave was good?

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