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The crew decide to raid a hospital to help Simon and River and to make money. Mostly to make money. Pretty much all to make money.

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  1. Did you notice that one of the parts they found in the junkyard was the part that Mal needed in that one episode where he was on the ship alone and got shot by pirates? I just love how they casually throw it away as if it is entirely worthless.

    It’s too bad that the “Hands of Blue” guys never actually lead to anything interesting in the show. And what does happen with them eventually makes them entirely pointless. Too bad; they were immensely creepy here.

    (SPOILER: their death is terribly lame).

  2. And that very good answer is that you mixed them up. No harm done, just some minor confusion.

    Great review, Chuck.

  3. is it just me or did the space ambulance look like a Hind gunship?

  4. Robots, not cyborgs.

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