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Clenched Hand of Polaris!

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  1. I’ve never heard of Fist of the North Star so this was kinda interesting.

  2. 0:13- Yeah. Seriously, YouTube. What is even the hell? At least you’re less hateful than the Trump Administration.

    I never read Fist of the North Star, and I never saw any of its adaptations. It wasn’t all Power Rangers-y to me. BTW, I really enjoyed the hell out of the new movie.

    I was also thinking of Bimbos BC/Bimbos in Time and the Lou Ferrigno Hercules movie.

    4:58- Or he was impregnated by a Facehugger and a Chestburster came out of him hours later.

    6:30- I was thinking more of Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, another manga, and The Cinema Snob reviewed the live action movie adaptation 7 years ago, which ended with him and Kung Tai Ted in an epic fight in the backyard.

    10:48- Or their heads exploded thanks to Michael Ironside’s character from Scanners.

    Honestly, YouTube, get your shit together.

  3. I’ve never actually read the manga, but I freakin love the 1986 anime adaptation. It’s the perfect confluence of so many things I’m into, over the top martial arts action, Mad Max style post apocalyptic setting, and 80s cheese.

    • And ROFL combat with exploding body parts everywhere. I wouldn’t call it great martial arts, but just hilariously stupid over-the-top gory martial arts.

      • Indeed. The gore is so absurdly over the top it becomes hilarious. I think my favourite is when he kills the giant fat guy.

        “See what did I tell you, still in one piece! Good as new! Bleeeaahhhgg!!” (he proceeds to explode.)

  4. Dear Mr. Linkara:

    If you were to say “Alpha Orionis” three times in succession, what would happen?

    It’s pronounced “nukerwave.”

    • “Bears”. This one is multiple choice:

      1. Christopher Walken: “Bears? Bears?”
      2. The Super-Fans: “DAAAAAA Bears!”
      3. Temba Wide-Arm: “GO KILL SOME BEARS FOR ME!”

      I’d rather not see the SCHLONG of the NORTH STAR.

      The heads exploding. Another multiple choice:

      1. Scanners.
      2. The two rednecks from SCTV: “BLOWED UP REAL GOOD!”
      3. Vector Strong Bad: “YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!”

  5. You had ample opportunity for a certain joke in this review, but I guess you’ve finally gone beyond Thunderdome.

  6. Was wondering when Linkara would mention the jail cell bars since it had been consistently odd for all the characters.

    *Reading from a scanlation*
    He’s already speaking in English. Why not..
    Just a thought, but maybe there wasn’t room in the speech bubble to translate it there.

    Wherever he goes there will be plenty of food. This comic has not shown much food anywhere. There will be plenty of dead people where he goes. Does Bat intend to eat the corpses?

  7. 10:27 Crotch shot. I don’t know much about this franchise either. I know as much as anyone else. Dang, are you reviewing manga. I guess you can’t refuse with Patreon. You shouldn’t have been screaming if it’s a good comic.

  8. So… if North Star Guy can bend prison bars, doesn’t that mean he could’ve escaped at any time? Why did he wait around for so long?

    Also: Why is nobody traumatized by all these exploding people?

    • Probably because he didn’t feel a compelling need to escape. It’s kind of like Superman in handcuffs: of course they’re not going to stop him if he wants to escape, but why terrify people when he doesn’t need to? Maybe it’s only after he has to kill those bad guys that he comes to realize that he’s needed in the world. At least, that’s the impression I got.

  9. Why not translate it in the speech bubble? Because the translation was huge and unwieldy, and thus would probably not be something the person would actually say.

    In a proper localization, it would just probably be renamed.

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