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Short for, “Flash, what was even the point?”

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  1. And we now end Event Comics Month with a storyline that I’ve actually read and own, because it was being made into a DC Animated Original Movie. And it’s no wonder now why the animated film adaptation was titled “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.”

    7:22- At least we had Flash fight Quicksilver in Marvel vs. DC in the 90’s.

    I haven’t read the tie-in books to Flashpoint, because 1. I assumed they weren’t adapted to the movie, and 2. I didn’t have that time and money to read them.

    I wonder if 2090s Kid’s real name is anything like “Eobard Thawne.”

    I also haven’t yet watched The Flash TV series, but I hope we don’t have any “Dammit, Barry!” moments in the DC Extended Universe.

    I take it that Element was so pointless, which is why they never included her in the film adaptation. The same goes for Pandora.

    I doubt that DC will ever give Shazam back the name Captain Marvel because Marvel Comics has a handful of characters that were given that name, and, you know, it’s the MARVEL Universe.

    26:55- At least in the movie version, Thomas shoots a hole throught the back of Professor Zoom’s head. …Rated PG-13. =D

    I agree that that Flashpoint is okay, but it’s no “Injustice: Gods Among Us.”

    35:39- What? Not Granny Goodness?

  2. Funny enough, CinemaSins uploaded they “Everything Wrong With”-video that was about animated movie version of this event comic.

  3. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Huh. I’d never read Flashpoint and knew nothing about it. Neat idea, but you’re right, it feels too small. It’s basically “City on the Edge of Forever” with the Flash’s mom in the Edith Keeler role as the innocent who has to die to put everything right, and the whole reboot aspect seems to have been tacked on at the last minute as a superfluous extra. There’s no reason the story couldn’t have just restored the original timeline and that would be that.
    But here’s the thing that bothers me, both about “City” and “Flashpoint.” They both revolve around a person who has to die so their actions if they had lived don’t change history (we don’t know how Flash’s mom changed history, but whatever, that’s not important). Wouldn’t just taking that person back to the future have the exact same effect without killing them? It would still fix the timeline, but they’d be alive in the future. Why couldn’t Kirk have taken Edith Keeler back to the 23rd century with him? Why couldn’t Barry take his mom forward in time with him? It’s a win-win situation!

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Actually, as I understand it, it wasn’t merely that Flash’ mother survived. She was only a minor player in the history, not enough of a change on the Divergence meter to constitute a jump from an Alpha to a Beta timeline.

      But it’s the fact that Barry’s use of the Speed Force to make that change corrupted history. As Reverse Flash explained it, like throwing a stone in a river, it sent shockwaves farther back in time to corrupt the history leading up to that point. It didn’t just change the future from that point, but it even changed the past leading up to it. It wasn’t a simple change in the timeline, but a corruption of it. I know, it doesn’t make much sense, but it has to do with the way Barry used the Speed Force to do it.

      Case in point: Batman. In the corrupted timeline, it is Bruce who is killed. Thomas becomes Batman, but a cruel, vengeful Batman who murders his victims. And, unless I’m mistaken, Martha became the Joker. Now, Martha and Thomas were killed before Barry became the flash, probably around the same time Nora was killed. So how does saving Nora change it so Bruce dies while Thomas and Martha survive and become psychopaths? Because time itself has become corrupted.

      Of course, it could be that I’ve completely misunderstood all this.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        Oh no, I just got “actuallyed!” 😉
        Actually, thanks for the clarification. No, it doesn’t make much sense, but time travel stories can make up their own rules as they go, so any explanation is better than none.

  4. I watched the movie version and absolutely loved it! Honestly, this seems a lot worse. I wish you had mentioned that. I simply watched every superhero movie last month. I do my own theme months! I’m currently ending Anime Month.

  5. TragicGuineaPig

    I wasn’t a huge fan of The Watchmen. It may have been a neat deconstruction back in the day, but the film was mostly dull and depressing – it was okay at best.

    But here’s the thing: The Watchmen characters were meant to be analogues to certain properties that DC had acquired that they hadn’t yet incorporated into the mainstream DC universe at that time. Nightowl was based on Blue Beetle; Rorschach was based on The Question, etc. Basically, what it means is that the characters that The Watchmen are based on now exist in the mainstream DC universe. So why try to bring in the copies?

    But most importantly, I personally feel that Alan Moore told the story he wanted to tell, and DC should just leave it alone. There really is no point in dragging these characters out of what is essentially a completed story into the mainstream DC universe, other than that the parent company wants to try to milk the franchise for every nickel they can squeeze out of it.

  6. handsomefatman

    A mediocre comic but a fantastic animated feature.

  7. I loved that you used the score from the Flash tv show. This is perfect timing given that the current show just did this storyline (in their way). After seeing this video, I kind of like how the show did it more. Lastly, I didn’t know that there was a basis for the black Kid Flash in the show so that was interesting to learn.

  8. I’m reminded of Road Runner, where Reality switches from catoon logic to real world logic just to be inconvenient for the Coyote. Road runner can run into a painting of a tunnel, while the Coyote just hurts himself trying to do the same thing.

  9. to me the most interesting part of this story (which wasn’t in this so must have been in a tie-in comic) was Martha Wayne Joker. I won’t spoil it but Martha Is even more evil than Jack Napier. Also Salina Kyle is in it.

  10. There’s… an atopthefourthwall dot com? Has that always been in these videos? Huh.

    Well, time to dig through a million videos to find that text post. Your productive work ethic has doomed us all.

  11. The Real Silverstar

    I never read the comic version of “Flashpoint”, but I saw the DTV. One thing that bugs me about this story is something that bugs me about superhero origin stories in general: namely, this notion that nowadays you can only become a superhero if you’re all or half an orphan. Apparently it’s not enough to just want to do the right thing or admire your childhood heroes before you’re gifted with powers or whatever, it’s now a requirement that one of your loved ones has to die first. That cliche is annoying and overdone. Just because that angle worked with Batman and Spider-Man (and also Superman to an extent, since he lost his entire freaking home world and race) doesn’t mean that every superhero needs a pile of cheap tragedies heaped upon in order to be heroic. It works when done decently, but far too often it’s just a lazy attempt to earn quick and easy sympathy and character development.

  12. Never read the comic but I rather enjoyed the animated adaptation. I like the surly, hard drinking Thomas Wayne version of batman.

  13. I remember watching this animation movie on TV.
    I thought it was something of ”epic proportions, yet eerie and unsettling”, with how Aquaman and Wonderwoman destroyed whole chunks of the world… the power behind it, and how ”questionable” the Amazons’ motivations were… Ending with an ”End of the world” that luckily didn’t happen(more or less).

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