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So… what is FLCL anyway?

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  1. The series still holds up amazingly well. Both as an art piece and as just great entertainment. Enough that I actually bought those original 3 releases as they came out. And I rewatch the series about once a year.

    It helps, immensely, that it has one of the greatest soundtracks to ever grace an anime, along with some of the highest production values ever used on anime that wasn’t a Movie. (This was post-NGE, so Gainax had so freaking much money that they could blow the money on a full series on an OVA. That it also happens to be the best selling OVA ever doesn’t hurt.)

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    You know, it’s kind of funny: Sage started out as a pretty serious game reviewer, and yet somehow became a humorous anime critic. Funny how things change.

  3. Interesting enough there is news about 3rd season for this series being at work after all these years.

  4. TooMuchFreeTime

    I own the soundtrack!

    I never thought the animation style shifts were supposed to ‘mean’ anything.

    So basically, Fooly Cooly = Hanky Panky

  5. Alaster Boneman

    Hoo I like apple seed

  6. ThatAnimeChick

    Wow, that was a rather thoughtful review that put FLCL in a way I never thought of before. Thanks, Sage.

    Also, did you hear they’re making two more seasons? I don’t know why, the show wrapped up pretty well.

    The cynical part of me thinks it’s just another attempt to pander to the nostalgia crowd… but maybe I’m overthinking things…

  7. Meh. I still don’t understand the series appeal. Half of it seems like unplotted purple monkey dishwasher nonsense and the other half is pretentious navel gazing without even the backing of interesting ideas as a crutch. I hated the series as a teenager and when I got older and tried it again I still hated it. Some of the older anime have such high reputations for no real objective reason.

  8. FLCL actually covers 3 types of love. Haruko is infatuation, mamimi is sexual lust and love, Ninamori is innocent affection.

  9. What was described around the 6-minute mark sound a little like Steven Universe… Well, Steven Universe on speed. LOL

    I totally agree with this review. One of the things I enjoyed was its manic energy and pacing. Yes, it was short, but the length encapsulated it to something short and to the point, without being bog-down by tedious fuller or complexity (overly-deep backstories, world-building, relationship-trees, etc.). Such “complexity” are good in most cases, but sometimes its nice to enjoy a light, tasty snack than a rich, filling feast.

    I hope the additional episodes are as good. The 6-series where so crazy and out-there, that trying to recreate that experience could amount to “chasing the dragon.”

  10. 01:48 Ah, I remember this one. Disney’s gonna have their heads for that.

    The animation and the music are genuinly good but the story, while starting of alright but generic, is barely there. It’s mostly just characters derping around with a barely there theme of teen angst to string along.

    I honestly believe that this show was never meant to be a show in the first place but a series of animated music videos for The Pillows. That’s just speculation on my part though.

  11. I haven’t watched this thing, and I’m frankly not interested. I’m very, very sick of “coming of age” stories in all iterations. Anime has more than enough stories dealing with kids and the growing up thereof. This may be a good example of a better story, but it’s still the same story.

    Plus, the animation style reminds me a bit too much of Dead Leaves.

  12. “It doesn’t concern itself with what’s happening or why. It concerns itself with who it’s happening to.”

    That makes the show sound very boring. I was more interested thinking it was about evil medical robots and a space pirate. What’s the theory behind N.O.? How are Atomsk, Haruko, and Amarao connected? There are hints at more interesting things but they are frustratingly irrelevant to the focus of the show.

    Much like Neon Genesis Evangelion the show is disappointing because of the main character we’re given to follow. Their development as a character and the things that make the show worth watching are polar opposites.

  13. This is one of those Anime’s loving it or hating it is totally understandable. I personally was very confused by it on first viewing in 2004 as a sophomore, but after a couple of viewings it really grew on me. I hadn’t experienced any movie or TV show that was basically only driven by character development. Not to mention the bat-shit way it goes about developing developing those characters and their relationships. I had intended to re-watch FLCL over the last couple of years, and this review got me to sit down and do it. Looking at it as a 28 year old I defiantly feel the nostalgia goggles. So I’m not sure others my age would enjoy it nearly as much. Which has always been one of my biggest problems with this anime. When you enjoy something as far out as FLCL it hard to share it with others. One of the best way I have found to get someone to watch a anime they would never watch on their own is to show them a Sage review of it. It gives them an idea of what they are getting into, and encourages them to take the show for what it is. So thanks Sage! You’ve given us one of the best tools you can to help share this anime with others.

  14. I always loved this series just due to how pure eye candy it was and loved the South Park episode since Trey Parker and Matt Stone are huge anime fans so Gainax played a homage to them.

  15. I loved the spectacle, I enjoyed trying to decipher what was happening, and I absolutely adore the soundtrack. I have that same three DVD collection from back in the day, though I think they were ‘only’ $20 a piece by the time I got them.

  16. I watchex a bit of FLCL in highschool. And the whole thing much later, I have nothing to add to your review. My experience was a little different, but I really have nothing to add to your summation. It did remind me of my first viewing of Evangelion though. I was 14 and new to anime. It was probably my first series post sailor moon. I was literally at the same point in my life as Shinji, so everything he was experiencing was both vastly different and the same as what I was. Story wise, I was obviously not piloting a giant robot, but as far as a coming of age story goes, I was experiencing many of the same feelings and confusion. The lack of explanations weren’t dissapointing, theu almost felt like validation for the unanswered questions I had in my own life. I think I saw it at the perfect moment. I wasn’t yet aware of all the tropes of anime, everything felt profound and real to me. Going back and rewatch ingredients it as an adukt, I see the flaws, but more than nostalgia goggles, I still appreciate the way it spoke to me when I was young. Things that might come across as contrived now, feel like the truths they were at 14 like Shinji. I don’t think of them as truths for my current adult life, it’s more of an acknowledgment of what was true and real for me then. So it like FLCL, is anime I can revisit and see more in than when I first watched it, but I think I’m seeing more of myself in it, who I was when I watched it first.

  17. thatchickwithlonghair

    I’ve always loved FLCL. It’s one of the most surreal rides an anime can take you on. There’s really nothing else like it.

  18. This is a silly anime

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