Flood by Jars of Clay – One Hit Wonderland

Oh, Christ. Literally.

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  1. CCM? I can’t stand the stuff. Shallow lyrics, lack of creativity. For real spiritual music, give me Arvo Part or Giovanni Palestrina.

    My brother used to listen to these guys back in the 90s. I remember they had one song in which they sampled “Victimae Paschali Laudes.” That’s about all I remember of them, though.

  2. This doesn’t sound familiar to me. I’m surprised that you said the same thing. Then again, the only religious music I listen to is from my own church. Still, I’m glad that you kept things at least vaguely respectful.

  3. I love that song. Loved it then, love it now. Of the five worthwhile bands in CCM, Jars of Clay was one of them.

  4. Yeah, I’d definitely be interested to hear you talk about “Counting Blue Cars” and “One of Us”. As far as this one goes I don’t remember it either, but it sounds pretty decent.

    • Joan Osborne wouldn’t be a bad pick. She had a number of non-hits at the time that I liked way better than “One of Us”– “St. Teresa,” “Right Hand Man,” the Cracker collab “Nothing to Believe In.” “St. Teresa” even got her a Grammy nomination, but didn’t chart.

  5. I’m surprised Todd hasn’t heard of this one. Back in the 90’s this was impossible for me not to hear as our local pop/rock station (the only station nearby that actually played both old and new rock) went to straight pop and I was left with little else. I can see the younger generation not having heard of this one, but Todd!?! I’m just like ……. wow!

    Great review though.

  6. That’s why I mostly listen to Classical Opera.

  7. Or Bach and Handel too.

  8. I’m a Christian but I don’t listen to Christian music. I’ve heard one or two good songs by being around church. There’s a band that I think is called Skillet that I’d probably like if I did listen to Christian music, but I immerse myself in secular media instead. I don’t think that makes me a bad Christian. Christian music is just not something I have much experience with.

  9. Although I’m from a Christian background on both sides of the bloodline, Christian music in general was… eh. However, this one sounds better for sticking out from the norm.

  10. The only Christian music I can stand is Skillet, but I’ll make an exception for this song.

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