Kangaroo Jack:First viewing

Discussion in 'Sibling Rivalry' started by felidae5, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Ok, I know, this technically doesn't belong here, so feel free to move/delete it, once you're done reading. Who else cheered after watching Rob and Doug taking on the Green Lantern and then, already sightly drunk, get tanked over Kangaroo Jack? As bad as these movies are(and they're bad bad), watching these two slurring und cursing while chugging down whiskey was hilarious. At one pont I think Doug just fell asleep, and Rob spent the better part of the second review on the floor- most likely chewing the rug. I wonder how they would react to something like Black Rage or The Oogieloves..? Either way, I had a blast:D
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    Could’ve put it in the Kangaroo Jack thread

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