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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Aotrs Commander, May 17, 2017.

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    I noted this in the video's relevant thread for Suicide Squad, but I will also report it here: I had a huge amount of trouble watching the video today. The page was INCREDIBLY slow and buggy (the tab crashed several times). I've noticed in recent years Channel Awesome has been a lot less reliable than it used to be, but it's never been this bad before. I can only assume it is the adverts, which (through no fault of you guys) have become increasingly idiotically detrimental to performacne (self-defeatingly to their own purpose). I don't use an adblocker, specifically because it's, y'know, how you guys get your pennies, and I am not in a position to be able to support folk on Patreon or something.

    I couldn't even leave a comment on the video, because the tab crashed out.

    I'm using Firefox, pretty much vanilla (UI addons only), in Win 10.

    Not sure what to do about it (or even if you guys can), since I don't really want to use an adblock (nevermind everything else, is a nuisence to install and enable/disable it), and unlike Brad, Linkara and company, the NC videoes on youtube are apparently a fair bit futher behind (because after my forth or fifth attempt, I went to look). But I figured I should at least make note of the problem, since if it gets worse, the site may become completely unviewable for me altogether.
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    Dude, just use adblock.

    Some of the antics of this place has justified it to be honest.
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    so far the vidme videos are worse they stop every 15 seconds and keep wanting me to give them my facebook account details with an embedded popup blocking the video.

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