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    Sep 10, 2017
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    Hi everyone, I'm Tyler, & like most people here I've enjoyed Doug Walker & the rest of Channel Awesome for years thanks to their engaging content!

    The 1st time I watched Nostalgia Critic was when a group of friends & I sat down together to watch his review of The Room! And man, did I laugh my ass off! He was easily the 1st reviewer on YouTube (that I saw) that was able to make people laugh while still giving a legit analysis on a movie, especially when he talked about the 'flower shop' scene. At that point, Chris Stuckmann was the only reviewer who I followed on a regular basis (and still do), & I'm glad that he has since become a content creator for Channel Awesome!

    After that I checked other creators like Brad Jones, the variety of shows from Midnight Screenings, Sibling Rivalry & Blockbuster Buster, & it's definitely influenced me as a content creator on YouTube. I'm not gonna spend too much time talking about my content since almost everyone does that right away, but I do my best to critique a film for it's production value (cinematography, editing, music, etc.), performances & screenwriting in-depth without spoiling the movie. If that sounds like something you'd wanna see, you can check it out right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmymbHsPDKVJdYXVtey0ZeA

    Thanks for taking the time to read all this, and am looking forward to interacting with fellow Channel Awesome fans (Since Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit & other sites seem to give 'em a hard time).
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