Daddy's Home 2 Review

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Daddy's Home 2
"So apparently all the Christmas movies this year are likely going to leave theaters before actual Christmas. Not even the holidays can compete with Star Wars!"
Daddy's Home 2 is the sequel to Daddy's Home of course, the surprisingly enjoyable and funny film from 2015 that just managed to squeeze into my radar at the last possible moment.
After about a year or so of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg's characters have back and forth Christmases, they decide to have their first ever joined Christmas. Unfortunately, Mark Wahlberg's dad, played by Mel Gibson decides to come visit, and his troubled relationship with his son threatens the holiday, while Will Ferrell's dad, played by Jon Lithgow is also visiting...with his very creepy relationship with his son. If you saw the trailer you would know what I mean.
So, that is one aspect of the movie I cannot unsee.
Anyway, despite some creepy father son moments between Will Ferrell and Jon Lithgow, Daddy's Home 2 isn't as bad as people probably are expecting it to be. I like the first one enough, it is a passable comedy that does make me laugh enough when I watch it. It's one of those movies that you shouldn't have expectations for, just accept it as it is, and see if you enjoy it.
This movie is more or less like the first movie, in the sense that it is this passable comedy films that you can just relax, turn your brain off for, and take in. It's not going to be the next Other Guys, or whatever comedies people hold high standards for.
Will Ferrell and Marky Mark still work well together from the first movie, these two guys always seem to make a good comedy team with Will Ferrell being the goofy, dorky one, and Marky Mark being the more tough, dominating one of the team. And they both have really hot wives.
Honestly, when the movie focused on their wives, I felt very pulled in. Not just because the wives are very hot, like intensely hot, but I thought they had a good dynamic as well. I like how Ferrell's wife is a little self conscious about Wahlberg's super hot, successful wife in a way like how Ferrell was intimidated by Wahlberg in the first movie. Watching the two wives really got me wanting a movie about the two of them.
I would've liked a "Mommy's Home". Could that still happen? I'd love to make it happen somehow.
There are a few scenes that are kind of recycled from the first movie, and at one point they even acknowledge it. It isn't as bad as how some other comedies do it, but it is still lazy, I'm sure they could've avoided the retreading.
Mel Gibson basically plays himself, or at least how most people see Mel Gibson, I can't speak for everyone. He's pretty much a big douche in the movie that will take any opportunity to be rude, and yet he still thinks that he deserves a chance while he proves every bad think Marky Mark says about him true. I have no idea how he is successful with the women, they never give us a reason why he is so smooth with them as they did with Marky Mark.
On another, but related note, I think that a more suitable actor for the role of Marky Mark's dad could've been Kurt Russel, but he probably has more important stuff to do right now, so they got who they could afford.
However, the movie is still fun enough to laugh at. My first rule of a comedy is to make me laugh, and this movie actually did manage to make me laugh a few times throughout. A lot of that was because it embraced what it was, it knew it was a dumb sequel, and it knew it wasn't going to be one of the big movies of the year, not even one of the funniest, but it was still funny enough.
It's likely not for everyone, but no one should really expect it to be anything more than a silly movie. It has plenty of flaws, but also it is funny enough.
If I had to choose between this and Bad Mom's Christmas, I would likely say Bad Mom's Christmas made me laugh more, but both movies are about the same level.

So it's no surprise I give it a rating of 5 out of 10 so whatever
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