Home Again Review

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Home Again
"Well I feel much better. Even when I get evacuated for stupid weather-related reasons, it's good to know I can still find a theater to catch a movie at."
Home Again is a romantic comedy, and surprisingly one of the better comedy films to come out this year. But, still how much am I really saying?
Reese Witherspoon plays the daughter of a deceased famous director, and a single mother with two kids who has minor depression. She meets these three brothers who are working on turning their short into a feature film, ends up spending the night with one of them, and the next day all three of them end up moving in with her.
Surprisingly I enjoyed this movie a lot. Of course I didn't know how it could turn out, and at this point of this year, I was mostly just hoping I wouldn't get another movie filled with crude, easy jokes.
Thank you PG-13 rating.
Reese Witherspoon is fun and lovable as she usually is. I think it was interesting for the movie to make her character someone who had mild depression, but nothing too major, which to me made her more relatable and believable. She has problems, but isn't a complete bummer of a person, so she doesn't ruin the movie with depression.
The three brothers are also a very good group of guys. Usually in a comedy like this, they have the one guy who is a love interest and he gets the most attention, then the other guys involved are just side notes. In this movie, the romantically involved one isn't exactly the center of attention, and the writers are sure to develope two brothers as well. I liked seeing the process of them trying to get their movie produced, I thought their relationships built with Reese Witherspoon were handled well, and surprisingly I wasn't annoyed by any of them. I got a little worried when one of them dropped some medical pot, I thought he was going to be the annoying sidekick of the group and that he was going to be drugged up, but actually he does not get high in any scenes, so that was a major bullet dodge.
There were actually some funny scenes too. I didn't laugh like a hyena, but I did chuckle a few times, which is actually a good thing for me, because for a few times this year I was concerned I had lost the ability to laugh.
A few times the movie does end up falling victim to a cliche, like someone makes a mistake that they can't be forgiven for, even though everyone makes mistakes like that and could still be forgiven for it. There was actually this cliche that was being built up for this movie that made me nervous how it would turn out, and I was sitting in my seat, hoping they would end up dodging it. Does my patience pay off? If you saw the movie you know the answer.
Home Again is the kind of movie I would take a woman on a date too, we'd be generally satisfied, but my date wouldn't be extremely estatic at the end of it. We'd basically leave the theater satisfied for our experience. And no, I didn't have a date when I saw this movie. Maybe soon I'll have that kind of experience but it wasn't today.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good movie. It was well acted, interesting enough to keep me invested, and there wasn't a point I was wishing I could leave. Sure it was pretty cliched, but it wasn't offensive or boring. I'll give it a rating of 7 out of 10 so it's worth it to check it out.

Thank you PG-13 rating.
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