Lost a true badass this week: Christopher Lee 1922-2015

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What else would you call a man who released two heavy metal albums (including two Christmas carol EPs) in his nineties. A man who was a British spy during WWII and as a result of that experience explained the actual sound of a knife going through human flesh to Peter Jackson during the filming of Lord of the Rings.

What else would you call arguably his most famous role in all of film, Dracula. Even if you have never heard of the legendary "Hammer" horror films, you must have seen the iconic image of his flashing his bloody fangs in a bloodcurdling hiss.

I could list all of his film and television roles (an IMDB page that would require a lot of scrolling down), but I'll end it with this: this man deserved the "Chuck Norris" meme a hell of a lot more than Chuck Norris did. Badass.
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