Tross Jul 8, 2017
Well, no Starlight Glimmer in the trailer, and while I think it's great that the mane six will get some time to shine as she's now somehow stealing the spotlight even in the EQG universe, I would still like to see her make a cameo in the beginning of the film to see her friends off.

I too am a little concerned the movie will try to shoehorn in too much without giving adequate focus to any of it, especially with all the characters that are supposed to be introduced. However, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic and I hope the first in-universe film isn't a dud. I mean, fans have been wanting one since the first EQG trolled us...and then somehow became a cult favourite spinoff series, that I'm also quite fond of...I'm now wondering if Hasbro and DHX could come up with any strange idea and turn it into something popular. What were we talking about again? Oh right, the movie.

I get the need to try to bring in some new fans, and if a mediocre movie like Trolls could revive a dead brand, a reasonably successful brand could benefit from a good I hope it's good. I wouldn't say I'm a Sia fan but I like her songs just fine, so I'm kind of curious what kind of song they commissioned from her for the film's soundtrack. I'm not all that familiar with the other people in it, but I'm sure they have something to bring to the table. I actually don't mind the film's art style so far.

I hope that Brian gag is not a Family Guy reference, because it's still too soon. :.(