Tross Mar 13, 2017
Yeah, this special could have been better had it not been rushed. Also, Megan and the ponies didn't thank the sea ponies the second time they helped. The rainbow is probably the dictionary definition of a rushed deus ex machina. For what it's worth though, there are some good ideas here, and this special has a decent atmosphere to boot. The sea pony scene kind of killed it, but it happens and then it's over, so meh.

I noticed something kind of interesting though. Megan's bow looks a lot like Applebloom's so I kind of wonder if that's supposed to be an Easter egg. I wouldn't be surprised. Firefly may have inspired Rainbow Dash but she's a different enough character that Rainbow isn't a straight up knockoff. For one, Firefly isn't necessarily a tomboy, she just happens to be one of the more courageous ponies.

She's definitely one of the more interesting characters in this special, especially among the ponies. Good thing she's never seen or mentioned again. Actually, while I went into this series expecting the presence of humans to be an issue for me, I have to say that proved to be far less problematic when the ponies themselves are probably the least interesting. Phasing out some of the more interesting characters before they can be properly developed probably doesn't help.

By the way, the order for this series is this special, Escape From Catrina, then the movie, and then the rest of the show.