New York Comic Con 2017 Cos-Tunes plus Encore; Astonishing cosplay trailer set to an epic soundtrack

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New York Comic Con 2017 epic, montage from Cos-Tunes includes an extra encore segment . A whole new set of cosplay and cosplayers with a new cinematic look at the community and the show that brought them together for the weekend. Join us in the presentation of cosplay from Movies, Anime, Manga, Video Games, Comic Books and much, much more from some of the most talented people.

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What is Cos-Tunes? Cos-Tunes embraces a cinematic approach in presentation of amazing cosplays from a particular convention. The intention is a visceral reaction when consumed in it's entirety.

Cos-Tunes is the spiritual successor to Creative Continuity's Bonus Content also produced by Bestow TV.
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