OnDavidsBrain: Lets Play BioShock HD Part 7: Olympus Heights and Apollo Square

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Ok first off sorry for the excessive amount of videos for this outing but I had some sudden events pop up while recording and thus real life had to take precedent. But back to the game itself honestly at this point the story starts to go down hill, mostly due to Fontaine not being as good of a villain as Ryan and him just feeling more like a stereotypical bad guy. Not helped by him invoking the "torture the hero slowly instead of outright kill them" trope which is an instant tip of to them being an incompetent bad guy. Though these two areas do invoke a different kind of terror, first from you not being able to control your plasmids and second the muddy filter after you get the first dose of Lot 192.

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Bioshock is owned by 2K Boston, 2K Australia, Take-Two Interactive, Ken Levine, Alyssa Finley and 2K Games.
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