Project Nitsuj Presents: 00 Otaku Part 8

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*It’s night time and Nitsuj is outside the hotel waiting for Ashlyn and Isis. He is wearing a platted black and white shirt, with black pants, and a black jacket*

(Nitsuj): *Sigh* Where are they?

(Isis): Sorry for wait.

(Nitsuj): There you are. What took you so-

*As Nitsuj turns around to see Isis he stops mid-sentence stunned to see Isis wearing a platted black and white skirt with black leggings, a black short sleeved shirt with the sleeves white, a white cap, and black boots*

(Isis): Well, say something.

(Nitsuj): I’m sorry it’s just. . .wow. You look beautiful tonight Isis. You are like the hottest AI girl right now.

(Isis): *Blushes* Aww, thank you.

(Ashlyn): Yes. She certainly has good fashion sense. But then again anyone hanging around you would.

*Nitsuj and Isis look up to see Ashlyn coming towards them. She is wearing white denim jeans, a no sleeve black shirt and a white jacket. She also has her hair in a ponytail, and she’s wearing glasses. Once again Nitsuj is stunned by how pretty she looks*

(Ashlyn): You sure clean up nicely.

(Nitsuj): I could say the same for you.

*Nitsuj offers his arm to Ashlyn*

(Nitsuj): Shall we?

(Ashlyn): Yes we saw.

*Ashlyn hooks her arm with Nitsuj*

(Isis): Yes we shall indeed.

*Isis hooks Nitsuj’s other arm with hers and locks eyes on Ashlyn*

(Ashlyn): That’s a very nice outfit Isis. With the way your dress it definitely looks like you’re trying to get attention from someone.

(Isis): Oh no, not at all. By the way would you like a bottle of water? You look very thirsty right now.

*Ashlyn laughs at Isis’s joke. As she laughs she hints to Isis that she’s carrying her rapier on her side and as Isis smiles back at her as she hints that she has her hand pistol tucked away nicely under her skirt*

*Inner Monologue*

(Nitsuj): I know these two are inches away from killing each other and I should probably say something but like my grandpa always taught me, when two women are at odds with each other you just fang ignorance and hope for a cat fight unless you want a black eye.

*End inner monologue*

*The three walk down the street for a good five minutes. They come to a crosswalk and cross to the other side where they walk for about three minutes and arrive Ritzy hotel where the party is being held. They walk into the hotel and go up to the front desk*

(Nitsuj): Excuse me, we’re looking for I.C Wiener.

(Clerk): Ah yes, he’s in the top floor. Please enjoy.

*The clerk hands Nitsuj a card key and Nitsuj walks towards the elevator with Isis and Ashlyn. He inserts the key into the elevator and pulls it out. The elevator takes them all the way to the roof of the hotel where there’s a penthouse, a pool, a dance floor, and tons of people having fun with music playing*

(Ashlyn): Wow, gotta give Malcom credit, he knows how to throw a party.

(Nitsuj): Alright ladies. Headpieces in and be on the lookout for Malcom and anyone you think might be suspicious.

(Isis): Roger.

*Nitsuj walks away and begins to make his way over to the drink stand*

(Ashlyn): Isis wait! There’s someone suspicious watching you.

(Isis): What where? I don’t see them.

(Ashlyn): Don’t panic, just stay calm and slowly turn to your right to see them.

*Isis does what Ashlyn tells her to do and once she turns all she sees is herself reflected in a mirror*

(Ashlyn): That girl is definitely suspicious. Keep an eye on her for me okay?

*Ashlyn walks away and begins to mingle with a nearby crowd*

(Isis): When you least expect it Ashlyn. When you least expect it.

*Isis makes her to the penthouse to mingle with people inside*

(Nitsuj): Yo bartender. What you got?

(Bartender): Snow cones. Lots and lots of snow cones.

*Nitsuj is shocked to see that the bartender is Corbin*

(Nitsuj): Corbin? What are you doing here?

(Corbin): Shh. I’m undercover. Baron is posing as the DJ and I’m working as the bartender. While at the con me and Baron ran into Malcom, we got to chatting, became swell friends, and he invited us to his party and we figured you could use a little back up.

(Nitsuj): Not bad. You guys have been busy. So what do you know?

(Corbin): A few guys came by here earlier to chat with him. They were talking strange. Like weeaboo strange.

(Nitsuj): What were they talking about?

(Corbin): I don’t know, but he’s definitely up to something.

(Nitsuj): Than I need to get a one on one conversation with him. Any ideas how I might be able to get close to him?

(Corbin): Yes. Keep your ears open and you’ll know when to act. Until then, snow cone?

(Nitsuj): Sure. Lemon lime please.

*Corbin scopes up some snow, sprays it with lemon lime liquid, and coats it with liquid nitrogen*

(Corbin): Careful, it’s colder than the arctic ice cap.

(Nitsuj): Liquid nitrogen? These guys really hooked you up.

(Corbin): Yeah they got a tank in the back of the hotel and everything. This place really does earn the title of ritzy.

*As Nitsuj and Corbin chat while Nitsuj enjoys his snow cone, Isis goes into the penthouse where she plays some people in smash bros. and owns them with Zelda*

(Isis): 7 victories in a row. Pay up trolls.

(Party boy): Damn you’re good. You’re reaction time is almost inhuman.

*Isis takes their money and gets up and leaves. As she looks up she sees Malcom lounging in a chair*

(Isis): Nitsuj. I spotted Malcom. Should I strike him?

(Nitsuj): Hold off on that. The last thing we want to do is make a scene. The Jack Bros. have a plan so let’s try that first.

(Isis): They’re here? Oh well this night can only end in disaster.

(Nitsuj): Let’s give them a chance. Meet back up with me and Ashlyn by the dance floor

*As Nitsuj talks to Isis, Isis takes notice of Malcom talking to Alicia of Le Renegades who is wearing a one-piece red dress. Alicia shakes hands with Malcom and she turns her head to wink at Isis who dashes to hide behind a pole and runs out of the penthouse where she goes to reunite with Nitsuj and Ashlyn and is shaking a little*

(Ashlyn): Isis, you alright? You look spooked.

(Isis): Yeah. I just dodged a bullet. Alicia is here.

(Nitsuj): That’s not good. This only makes Malcom all the more suspicious.

(Baron): Alright everybody. Time to hit the dance floor and show me your moves. Dancer with the best moves gets a prize courtesy of Malcom Salcone himself.

*Baron begins to play 24K Magic*

(Nitsuj): So that was his plan. Isis, you up for this?

(Isis): Are you kidding? This is my jam.

*Isis grabs Nitsuj and drags him onto the dancefloor where they begin to dance together in perfect rhythm with each other. When the second part comes in Ashlyn cuts in and begins to dance with Nitsuj. When the third part comes Isis jumps in and begins to dance with Nitsuj once again. Nitsuj seemed to be enjoying himself and the audience was amazed at how he was able to maintain a rhythm despite having two different dance partners. In the final part both ladies join Nitsuj where they perform a three way dance matching up perfectly with each other. At the end of the song everyone cheers for them*

(Baron): Very smooth. Very very sexy. I think we have a winner.

*The crowd cheers in agreement and as Nitsuj, Isis, and Ashlyn take a bow Isis notices Alicia in the crowd who mouths something to Isis and she walks away*

(Baron): Congratulations to our winning couple. You’ve earned the right to enter Salcone’s V.I.P lounge.

(Nitsuj): Alright, let’s go meet Mr. Salcone.

(Isis): You guys go ahead. Apparently, someone wants to have a dance with me.

(Nitsuj): I see. Be careful.

(Isis): I will. And you try to keep him out of trouble.

*Isis walks off to go and face Alicia while Nitsuj and Ashlyn make their way into the penthouse and get access to the V.I.P lounge where Malcom is there to greet them*

(Malcom): Welcome to the V.I.P- Nitsuj! Is that you? Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. I heard you retired from spy work.

(Nitsuj): Semi-retired. I heard you also left the underground scene.

(Malcom): It started getting a little too dicey for me.

(Nitsuj): And yet you don’t mind meeting with weeaboos.

(Malcom): I don’t know what your talking about. Boys. Escort them out.

*One of the bodyguards goes to grab Ashlyn but she grabs his arm, twists it, and judo flips him. One guard tries to grab her from behind but Nitsuj takes him down with a kick, and sprays the green mist in the eyes of another bodyguard. Ashlyn quick draws her rapier*

(Ashlyn): Elegant Sword style: Elegant step.

*Like a bolt of lightning Ashlyn takes out the remaining bodyguards knocking them unconscious and leaving only Malcom. Malcom tries to run away but Nitsuj grabs him and throws him back into a chair while pointing a spirit gun at him*

(Malcom): Okay that was stupid of me I admit, but can me-

(Nitsuj): Let me ask you something Malcom. Do I look like a bitch?

(Malcom): What?

*Nitsuj fires the spirit gun into Malcom’s leg*

(Malcom): Ohhhhhhh~.

*Malcom screams out in pain*

(Nitsuj): Do. I. Look. Like. A bitch?

(Malcom): Nooooo~.

(Nitsuj): Than why you try to play me like one? The weeaboos are up to something big and if anybody knows anything about it I’m sure it’s you.

(Malcom): You gotta believe me I don’t know anything.

(Nitsuj): That’s funny you said the same thing in New Jersey and you were lying than.

*Nitsuj begins putting pressure on the leg he shot causing Malcom to scream out in pain some more*

(Malcom): No! Stop it! Stop it! I’ll talk damn it! Yes, I was asked to come here by my dad to negotiate with the weeaboos about the operation they had going on here. I know they got their hands on the new dub of Revolutionary Girl Utena and we were hoping they give the copy to us so that we could dub over it and make some money off of it. But the deal didn’t fall through and they instead tried to bring me in on their operation. The operation sounded way too crazy for me and I backed out, telling them I wanted nothing to do with it.

(Nitsuj): What are the weeaboos planning?

(Malcom): I can’t tell you that, if I do I’m a dead man.

(Nitsuj): You’re a dead man if you don’t tell me. Now talk!

(Malcom): All I know is this. Whatever it is they’re planning isn’t good for anybody here in the west. If this plan goes through all dubbing as we know will-

*Malcom gets hit with a tranquillizer dart and passes put right in front of Nitsuj. Nitsuj and Ashlyn look to see who fired the shot from the window. When they look out the window they see the Silver Knight holding a tranquillizer rifle. He gives them a wave and runs off*

(Nitsuj): Sneaky bastard.

*Ashlyn goes to check on Malcom*

(Ashlyn): He’s out cold. He won’t be awake for a couple of hours.

(Nitsuj): And unfortunately, we don’t have hours. Look.

*Nitsuj points to a large group of weeaboos heading their way*

(Ashlyn): There’s too many of them to take out by ourselves. Even with the Jack Bros.

(Nitsuj): Than I believe it’s time for us to retire for the evening.

*Nitsuj picks up Malcom*

(Nitsuj): Any ideas for a diversion?

(Ashlyn): I’ve got one.

*Ashlyn grabs a mic*

(Ashlyn): Sentai Filmworks just bought the dubbing rights to The King's Avatar (aka Quan Zhi Gao Shou)!

*Everybody stops what they’re doing and goes silent. Somebody tips over a trash can and soon a chair flies through the air*

(Party guy): It’s riot time!

*Everybody starts rioting and damaging the property. Nitsuj and Ashlyn slowly make their way through the chaos to the elevator. As they make their way there, they come across the Jack Bros. ducking behind a table for safety*

(Nitsuj): Time to go guys.

*The Jack Bros. get up and follow them with Corbin holding his tip jar. They managed to reach the elevator safely without trouble. As the door closes the last thing they see is a bunch of partiers flipping the pool literally*

(Nitsuj): Oh my God they actually did it. Dreams do come true.

To be continued
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