"Rowdy" Roddy Piper 1954-2015

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I haven't watched pro wrestling since I was a kid, but I have always had a respect for their athleticism and toughness.

Even so, I always loved Roddy Piper. The Canadian-born wrestler had been part of the 1st Wrestlemania and fought in the main event in a tag-team match against Hulk Hogan and Mr T ("Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorf had been his partner). He also had a segment known as "Piper's Pit" where he'd mock other wrestlers and get in a cheap shot or two (well, more of a beat-down). The WWE owes a lot to him for their early success.

Outside of the ring this "bad" guy turned out to be a good actor. Best known for "They Live", his movie career never become nothing more than a list of B movies. I'm sure he had a blast doing them and though I haven't seen most of the movies on his IMDB page, I'm sure he makes them more enjoyable then they had any right to be.

He was a charming, funny, and charismatic guy who will truely be missed.

Also, the man was no chicken:

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