Scene Stealing: One of the most brilliant moments put to film (and it's a jump scare?!)

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Psycho (1960): I'll start out by saying, "Nope. Not that one. Nope. Not that one either."

Of course, those are two of the most talked-about scenes in cinema history (I mean the shower scene and the reveal of Mrs. Bates at the end), but I refer to a scene that happens near the end when Lila Crane explores the Bates residence. She stands at Mrs. Bates' dresser and looks over her accessories only to glance up at vanity mirror to find that she is not alone in the room. Someone is behind her!

A second later she figures out she has seen her reflection in a large mirror behind her--she frightened herself.

One way to see that iconic house on the hill is as an allegory into Norman's troubled psyche: in the background as Lila Crane makes her way room-by-room, you see piles of old toys cluttered about, a mother's room kept in pristine condition, and, as shown in various scenes throughout the film, Norman's overbearing, dominating mother occupying the attic at the top floor.

But... when she sees the figure behind her, we briefly enter her psyche: what she sees is that unknown dark side that resides in all of us, hiding away in the corner where we can't see it. We then realize that a bad childhood may separate us from becoming just like Norman Bates.

One of the many reasons I love Halloween: we can acknowledge and even propitiate the dark unknown within ourselves. So put on some Misfits, eat a bunch of candy, watch nightmare-inducing horror movies and have a Happy Halloween.
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